Powering Up IP Surveillance Systems for Traffic Applications with PoE Switches

Transportation managers are adopting IP surveillance systems to improve their visibility into real-time traffic conditions. In doing this, traffic control centers have up-to-date, reliable video data that allow them to respond quickly to changes in road conditions, such as modifying signal policies or rerouting drivers to prevent congestion.

IP surveillance systems must be deployed on a powerful network to ensure seamless video data transmission from multiple remote traffic cameras back to the control center. 

PoE injectors able to deliver both DC power and data over Ethernet.

To simplify installation and enable robust communications, one solution is to use PoE injectors able to deliver both DC power and data over Ethernet. However, some system engineers who use PoE injectors have experienced difficulties when performing daily operations.

First, PoE injectors lack flexibility when used at field sites. Most only connect with one powered device (PD) at a time. Therefore, when IP surveillance systems are required to connect to more than one PD, using a PoE injector is not an option. Second, PoE injectors are invisible on surveillance networks and therefore cannot be managed. Some traffic control centers oversee numerous cameras from multiple remote sites. Without sufficient device visibility and network management capabilities, it can be challenging for system engineers to efficiently manage the status of both IP cameras and PoE injectors. Third, PoE injectors lack efficient tools for remote monitoring and troubleshooting. When system engineers at the control center are unable to receive video data, they have no choice but to check the system status directly at the remote site. This situation can significantly increase the amount of time required to get surveillance networks back up and running again.

PoE managed switches provide advanced functions

Using PoE managed switches can be a better option than a PoE injector as they offer more installation versatility and increase the overall efficiency of operations. Compared with PoE injectors, PoE managed switches have more Ethernet ports, which will provide greater flexibility at field sites or when it is time to expand operations. In addition, PoE managed switches that support network management tools can visualize the status of networking devices for system engineers. Some PoE managed switches provide advanced functions that let system engineers better monitor and maintain networking devices for IP surveillance systems at the traffic control center.

PoE managed switches can provide additional benefits to help industry innovators build smarter and more secure IP surveillance networks for traffic monitoring.

PoE managed switches can provide additional benefits to help industry innovators build smarter and more secure IP surveillance networks for traffic monitoring.

Benefit 1:

Ensure Sufficient Bandwidth and Power Supply for Surveillance Networks 

Even though modern industrial IP cameras can provide high-quality video footage, they also require large amounts of bandwidth. In addition, to ensure that high-quality video footage can be delivered clearly, cameras usually support some of the following power-hungry features: heater, wiper, infrared, thermal optics, and object detection technology. In order to run these efficiently, the engineer must allocate a high-power budget to ensure that they function as intended. Therefore, Moxa suggests that those within the industry who need to deploy IP surveillance systems with advanced IP cameras use PoE managed switches that support 2.5GbE ports and IEEE 802.3bt standards with up to 90 Watt power budget, ensuring sufficient bandwidth and power supply for traffic surveillance systems.

Benefit 2:

Manage and Maintain Surveillance Networks Efficiently  

PoE managed switches support network management software and advanced functions that industry innovators can benefit from. Network management software visualizes the status of PoE managed switches, giving system engineers more visibility over entire surveillance networks. In addition, PoE managed switches support advanced functions that allow engineers to view the PoE connection status and manage PoE ports remotely. When an error occurs, PoE managed switches perform failure checks and automatically reboot PDs that are located remotely, helping system engineers to eliminate problems and get the network working again as quickly as possible. 

Benefit 3:

Enhance Network Security to Minimize the Risk of Unauthorized Access

PoE managed switches should have sufficient protection to be able to withstand the latest cybersecurity threats. A recommended approach is to use secure-by-design building blocks that can help establish a secure network infrastructure. PoE managed switches are equipped with security features such as HTTPS/SSL, SSH, RADIUS, and TACACS+ that will significantly enhance network security. Furthermore, a proper vulnerability management process will ensure that when vulnerabilities are reported, there will be appropriate mitigations and communication to ensure surveillance networks can remain secure throughout the duration of their deployment. 

Moxa EDS-4000 PoE Managed Switches

One of the best ways to develop a powerful network is to use Moxa EDS- 4000/G4000 Series PoE managed switches featuring up to 8 IEEE 802.3bt PoE ports with up to 90 Watts output per port, and up to 2.5GbE bandwidth so surveillance networks have a sufficient power supply and bandwidth for smooth video data transmissions.

Furthermore, to simplify daily operations and maintenance, Moxa EDS- 4000/G4000 switches support Moxa MXview network management software to visualize networking devices’ status on surveillance networks. In addition, an easy-to-use web GUI comes with smart managed functions such as auto PoE detection and failure check functions that can help set up and maintain surveillance networks. Last, Moxa IEC 62443-4-2 certified EDS-4000/G4000 Series PoE managed switches enhance network security for surveillance networks.

The combination of a high-performance design, easy-to-use GUI, and network security features ensure Moxa EDS- 4000/G4000 switches will power up networks for IP surveillance of traffic and road conditions.

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