Primer: What We Talk About When We Talk About Biometric Physical Access Control

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ISC West 2014, which is underway in Las Vegas and will be running through Friday, is playing host to a large number of biometrics vendors and professionals involved in physical access control. Now is naturally a great time to explore the exciting and versatile world of biometric physical access control. That is why findBIOMETRICS has deemed April 2014 Physical Access Control Month.  The term itself encompasses a very wide range of ideas related to identity and security, so it is easy to overlook certain aspects of it. To kick off Physical Access Control Month here is a list of the bigger ideas in biometric physical access control. Check out the related links to get you started or refreshed on this fascinating and complex topic. The Many Modes Of Access Control One of the reasons that this topic is so far reaching is because biometrics are so well suited to the task of securing critical and limited access areas. Iris, fingerprint, face, palm vein, alone or in combination with each other, have particular strengths when it comes to the needs of a particular deployment. The following articles should give you an idea of just how many situations we are talking about and how each particular modality is suited to the task. Biometric Border Control A major subset of biometric physical access control is border management, and for many civilians it will be the most familiar. Land border crossings, airports and seaports are all a major focus in biometrics right now,…