Quanergy and PowerStack Partner to Offer Q-Track with Off-grid Smart Poles

Provides Highly Accurate and Cost-Efficient Security Solution for Remote Critical Infrastructure Sites

Quanergy Solutions has established a strategic partnership with PowerStack, the global leader in off-grid smart power poles. This collaboration provides a seamlessly integrated solution uniquely poised to tackle intricate security challenges faced by remote critical infrastructure environments, including utilities, data centers and more.

Often located in remote areas without access to power or running infrastructure, these locations typically rely on legacy physical security solutions that are costly to deploy, inaccurate in challenging remote locations, and generate excessive, costly false alarms.

The technology alliance between Quanergy and PowerStack resolves all these issues and more. 

Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors

Quanergy’s Q-Track™ redefines physical security with a seamlessly integrated solution that combines Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software. This solution provides users with hyper-accurate 3D intelligent proactive awareness to dramatically improve security operations and reduce false alarms. Quanergy Q-Track raises the bar by setting new benchmarks for event detection, object classification and tracking.  


PowerStack modular solar poles are a sustainable, cost-effective way to power safety, security, and smart technologies for commercial and community projects. With totally off-grid, vertical solar, you can power lighting, cameras, wireless sensors, communications networks and more, all without the time or expense of running traditional electrical infrastructure. The unique modular design means PowerStack can be installed almost anywhere and is optimized to capture maximum sunlight for each location. Reliable, 24/7 power on the ground, that doesn’t cost the earth. Installed in under an hour by a two person team, built to last with a 10 year warranty, and delivering a 5 day battery back-up, PowerStack is solar, reimagined.  

Q-Track solution

The integration allows remote sites to deploy Quanergy’s Q-Track solution without the need to run AC power supply or data infrastructure. As a result, users can leverage a highly secure, automated security solution that can consistently and reliably protect a remote facility. More importantly, the solution will significantly reduce the number of false alerts, saving customers significant costs associated with on-site guard services.  

“Time and time again we run into scenarios with our clients in which infrastructure for remote locations is the costliest component of a deployment,” said Gerald Becker, Vice President, of Market Development and Alliances, Quanergy. 

“Power and data are not always available, and that’s where PowerStack’s offerings are ideal, providing an easy to install and renewable energy source for Q-Track installations in the most difficult remote environments.” 

“Technology partnerships, like this one with Quanergy, are key to our success at PowerStack,” said Jeremy Sigmon, Chief Operating Officer, PowerStack.

“We provide the sustainable power option, or the source for remote energy supply, and by integrating with cutting-edge technologies like the Quanergy Q-Track™, customers get a reliable, holistic solution that saves them time and expense. We see so many projects where accessing power is a challenge, and we are excited to work with Quanergy on further solutions in future.”   

Milestone Systems and Quanergy logos

Quanergy is redefining physical security with real-time 3-D LiDAR solutions. Based in Silicon Valley, Quanergy’s revolutionary security-as-a-service delivers intelligent proactive awareness for highly dynamic environments like critical infrastructure, smart cities, smart spaces, and industrial automation. Quanergy’s mission is to ensure you see beyond cur visit: quanergy.com.

PowerStack is a leading provider of high quality, off-grid vertical solar solutions. With offices in North America and Australia, their goal is to deliver reliable green energy products for powered infrastructure including, monitoring and surveillance, architectural and operational lighting, ‘internet of things’ devices, and network deployment. visit:  powerstack.energy/usa

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Source: quanergy.com