RapidDeploy Announces Integration of New Law Enforcement RMS


The new RapidDeploy Records Management System provides a cloud-native, modern, integrated user-experience for police and sheriff departments

RapidDeploy announced a new Law Enforcement Records Management System (RMS). This product is the fourth product in their ecosystem, joining their Cloud Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mapping, and Analytics products.

Saving lives by reducing response times

The RapidDeploy products are designed to help achieve their important mission – to save lives by reducing response times.

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Modern Policing requires more than the traditional collection and storage of records. RapidDeploy is changing the way law enforcement will operate. Every aspect of reports including traditionally unstructured data is indexed, cross referenced, and correlated with common people places and things.

Doing this provides insights to call takers, dispatchers, and law enforcement personnel. The RapidDeploy cloud-native RMS will enable agencies to access, share and leverage the data they collect.

“Traditional RMS software, like most other public safety software, has old and outdated technology, with a poor user experience,” said Steve Raucher, Co-Founder and CEO at RapidDeploy.

“We are excited to bring modern, resilient RMS technology to Law Enforcement agencies of all sizes.”

One of the most advanced multi-model graph data structures available

Kaseware, a global leader in Investigations Management software has developed one of the most advanced multi-model graph data structures available. RapidDeploy RMS will leverage Kaseware’s technology, which has been adapted by RapidDeploy for today’s law enforcement workflows. Law Enforcement will now have a single unified CAD and RMS experience designed specifically for modern policing. 

“We developed Kaseware to address modern case management needs in government and corporate markets,” said Dorian Deligeorges, CEO at Kaseware.

“RapidDeploy, with its cloud native CAD, delivery, and support organizations, is ideally positioned to leverage Kaseware’s technology to address police and sheriff’s agencies that are seeking a fully integrated product suite to conduct their day-to-day business.”

The RapidDeploy RMS solution seamlessly integrates with its industry-leading Nimbus CAD product – in the dispatch center, in the field, and in all the other critical areas of a Law Enforcement organization. Now with an RMS offering, RapidDeploy will have the cloud-native CAD and RMS combination required by many police and sheriff departments.

RapidDeploy’s RMS product is a comprehensive, scalable solution for Law Enforcement Agencies providing the ability to simplify the collection, management, and reporting of crime data for law enforcement. The new RMS product includes a vast array of configurable modules available via desktop, MDC, tablet, or smartphone.

Kaseware is a world leader in providing investigation management, data analytics and open-source intelligence analysis solutions. https://kaseware.com/

RapidDeploy is the industry’s only truly open and integrated response platform, transforming 9-1-1 communications centers of any size into data-centric organizations.

Source: rapiddeploy.com

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