Sentry360 Brings on New CTO and Director Biz Dev


Sentry360, a manufacturer of advanced megapixel surveillance cameras for government and commercial markets, announced the addition of Jeff Mueller as Chief Technology Officer and Scott Merrell as Director of Business Development.

Thomas Carnevale, Founder and CEO of Sentry360 explains, “2014 was a year of reinvestment in our company to achieve our future goals; 2015 is the year we take the stage making major advancement towards innovation and the execution of our new sales channel and model. We are not satisfied with small moves anymore- it’s in our DNA to be something great. This year we are focused on building our brand and creating disruptive products made by exceptional people like Jeff and Scott.”

Scott Merrell, former Director of Sales and Marketing for ViewZ, led the renaissance of the monitor brand in 2010 through 2014. He implemented a series of strategies that led to rapid revenue growth while leading the development of several successful bleeding edge IP-based monitor series.

Scott explains, “Sentry360 is booming and I am proud to now be a part of such a passionate team at all levels. Thinking big, our team looks forward to unveiling the new global distribution strategy that will focus on collaborating with the industry’s top IP systems integrators to quickly yield big revenue and profit growth with the leading end users in our core vertical markets.”

With over 15 years of experience designing and coding software, as well as engineering complex projects with Infrared Counter Measures, and wireless and mobile applications for both the defense and space industries, Jeff Mueller advances his career to take on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

With significant experience and tenures from Kranze technology and Argonne National Labs, Jeff is responsible for designing and leading development for our next-generation products and services.

Mr. Mueller explains, “I am elated to accept my new role as CTO of Sentry360 and eager to release our next generation line of products and services. I feel fortunate to be working with a wonderful team of innovative entrepreneurs and engineers. I cannot wait to see my team’s hard work and dedication come to fruition. My team and I are working hard to release the best product line in our sector of industry. This new product line is only the beginning to an end goal of innovating beyond anything that currently exists in our market segment. We are committed to innovation and we will not accept second best.”

Sentry360 is a developer of application-driven, multi-megapixel network cameras.

With exciting growth rates of over 300% in the past 24 months, Sentry360 is quickly becoming one of the fastest Made-in-the-USA megapixel camera manufacturers in the industry.

Sentry360 features a concise product line of 180°, 360°, HD, and Ultra HD cameras up to 14-megapixels and believes in the single sensor/single lens philosophy for Directional and Omni-Directional surveillance.

Sentry360’s successful markets include Retail, Transportation, Industrial, Education, Banking, Oil and Gas, and Corrections.