Shot Tracer Launches Reseller Recruitment Program at ISC West 2019 for Innovative Gunshot Detection Solution

Gun Shot Detection Dealer

Shot Tracer® launched a new reseller recruitment program here at ISC West 2019 (booth #1092) with a highly attractive on-boarding proposition for qualified dealers. Qualifying resellers can receive a Gunshot Simulator Kit valued at $1,000 when they commit to becoming a Shot Tracer dealer.

Shot Tracer’s Gunshot Detection Solutions are so advanced, they’re simple. They easily integrate with virtually any security, alarm, surveillance and access system via contact closure – or wirelessly via IP integration.

In fact, Shot Tracer gunshot detection sensors are as easy to install as a smoke detector, so there’s virtually no learning curve for installing dealers. Additionally, Shot Tracer Gunshot Detection Solutions are designed for independent operation, eliminating the need for expensive servers or call centers.

Resellers will also find that Shot Tracer Gunshot Detection Solutions provide a highly-profitable new source of revenue earning up to 35% profit on every sensor installed with the potential for additional Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR).

“Shot Tracer is offering a very aggressive on-boarding proposition for qualified reseller partners that provides an easy and highly profitable way for them to increase business, while providing their customers with a better means to protect their facilities and the individuals who frequent them,” said Allan Overcast, CEO and President of Shot Tracer Technologies.

The new Shot Tracer Reseller Recruitment Program includes an exclusive offer for installing dealers to receive a free Gunshot Simulator Kit, valued at over $1000, which is essential for demonstrating Shot Tracer Eagle Gunshot Detection Solutions. Terms and conditions apply for qualifying resellers.

Shot Tracer has continued to evolve and enhance its gunshot detection systems to deliver the highest accuracy and largest detection footprint per sensor available with critical data providing first responders with the information they need to best protect people, property and assets.