SilverShield Showcases Visitor and Information Management Solutions at GSX 2019

At GSX 2019, SilverShield Safety & Information Systems will showcase their award-winning visitor and information management system (Booth #1594).

The solution is easy to use, cloud-based SAAS approach to security, with several different modules that provide a complete safety solution.

“The SilverShield Visitor and Information Management System is the most effective way for users to vet and manage visitors for any size facility,” said Robin Baker, CTO, SilverShield.

“We look forward to demonstrating the powerful software to GSX attendees this year.”

The SilverShield Visitor Management System enables staffed or unstaffed visitor screening at all types of facilities – schools, medical facilities, or any type of business that screens visitors and maintains visitor records.

This cloud-based (SAAS) multi-platform solution allows users to quickly screen a visitor’s credentials against custom watchlists and the national sex offender database, in near-real-time, to decide if the visitor should be welcomed or denied entry.

If welcomed, your staff is notified of visitor and VIP arrivals. If there is a threat identified at any entrance, the system allows the user to immediately send silent alerts to designated stakeholders via a two-way communication mode.

When integrated with the SilverShield ID Badge System, the system can create temporary ID or permanent ID badges for staff, students, and vendors.

For organizations with unstaffed entrances, the SilverShield Kiosk System allows visitors to register themselves – manually or by scanning a valid ID. The interactive Kiosk System will also notify staff of VIPs or unwelcome guests, increasing security and safety even in unmanned entry points.

In the event of an emergency situation or unwanted guest, the system’s Incident Management module can alert local police, initiate a virtual lockdown, and produce mass emergency notifications via email, SMS/text, mobile and web push notifications.

The Virtual Lockdown System alerts designated stakeholders via an audible siren sent to all users’ computers or mobile devices, to alert users to take immediate action to initiate their lockdown procedures.

SilverShield’s HR & Safety Resource Center enables companies and schools alike to store their Security Plans in a secure Learning Management System (LMS) and share it along with supporting materials with staff and stakeholders.  The system also encourages assessments to ensure comprehension of security protocols, procedures and plans.

The solution’s Event Management System pre-screens guests against watchlists and the national sex offender database, ensuring that unwanted guests are not inadvertently invited to events or facility activities.

The system will manage invitations and RSVPs and can issue parking and visitor passes to approved guests via email and SMS/text, helping to safeguard a safe and secure event.

The SilverShield Safety and Information System is a cloud-based, multi-platform visitor management system engineered for the school campus and other business facility applications.