Vote for Physical Security and Video Surveillance Market Influencers

market influences

Who do you believe has great insight into the physical security and video surveillance markets that their advice needs to be followed?

Who do you make sure you check out as a conference speaker, or follow closely on twitter, or read all their blogs?

Below is a list of nominations submitted during July. Vote now and SecurityHive will accept and count the votes our community submits for the industry leaders and market influencers.

Who do you vote for?

Voting Ends August 10th, 2014. Get your friends to vote as well.

SecurityHive will take the top 12 vote recipients and create a featured article about that person and share with the community how they influence the market.



[Editor’s Note: Wrap-up] Thank you to all those readers who submitted their votes, nominated a colleague, or helped us to spread the word. Congratulations to those individuals that were voted as an Industry Influencer by their peers. According to our readers, these are some of the folks who help shape and influence the industry. You can read their profiles and follow the ongoing series, Top 12 Influencers, to get both critical and informative insights from these peer-nominated industry professionals.

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