Snap Surveillance Participates With SAST At GSX

Snap at GSX

Snap Network Surveillance will be participating as an ecosystem development partner in the SAST booth #10037 at the upcoming GSX Expo in Chicago, September 10-12, 2019.

SAST (Security and Safety Things) is a Bosch-owned IoT startup, leading an open Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem initiative. This includes the creation of an open OS platform for Smart Cameras and an App store for software on the platform, with a focus on delivering enhanced security and safety.

Through their revolutionary open IoT platform for security cameras, SAST enables seamless management of networked cameras – by unleashing a new generation of AI-based security apps. Snap is excited to be one of the initial development partners.

“Snap Surveillance’s support of the SAST ecosystem provides an ideal platform for video pursuit of people and objects moving about environments such as airports or large retail establishments,” stated Henry Detmold, CTO, Snap Surveillance.

“In today’s larger camera-count environments, the need to track people and objects from camera to camera is becoming critical and with SAST support for learning on their cameras, our mutual customers will be able to get the benefits without needing a big investment is server capacity.”

Snap Surveillance’s AI-enabled intelligent tracking solution will be on display at the SAST GSX booth —showcasing our solution that is 10x faster than human — alone subject tracking while also removing operator fallibility. This solution is essential for improving the speed, performance, and accuracy of operating a security camera network.

An overarching benefit of deploying Snap Surveillance’s Force Multiplier (FMx) software in a SAST ecosystem is that image analysis running on the camera can be more efficient and accurate than on a server, which results in faster and more accurate learning of the camera relationships. Further benefits are anticipated as the SAST ecosystem grows, with other development partners able to utilize the camera networking information from Snap’s machine learning algorithms.

Snap Surveillance will also be exhibiting in its own booth in the GSX Disruption District, #3417. As a Gold Partner with Milestone Systems, Snap Surveillance will be demonstrating its patented AI-based system for learning camera relationships, and showcase how easy it is to track suspects or objects around large camera-count environments, removing the stress of knowing which camera feed will be needed next.

Snap Network Surveillance PTY LTD delivers the world’s first and only AI-based intelligent tracking software for large-scale security camera networks. This patented solution provides seamless integration into video management systems. Snap Surveillance’s Force Multiplier (FMx) is the time-tested quickest and easiest tool to assist operators in tracking suspects.