Sonitrol Announces Newest Data and Network Protection Solution

Sonitrol Data and Network Protection

Sonitrol announces the launch of their newest data and network protection product solution, Sonitrol Network Protection powered by Cisco Meraki.

With this release, Sonitrol now offers a fifth service to their customers —joining verified intrusion, access control, video surveillance, fire and network protection— giving the company a more robust ability to verify intrusion and security threats than just physical assets.

Sonitrol Network Protection keeps your network, devices and data safe from daily cyber-threats and attacks.

The solution provides firewall protection, intrusion protection and prevention, ransomware protection, anti-phishing, malicious file scanning and more protecting businesses from huge monetary and data losses.

It is cloud-based and managed from a single dashboard GUI, making managing your network easy. This solution also provides robust business management tools: content/URL filtering, application-aware traffic control, guest WIFI access, analytics and heat mapping, and custom reporting options.

The technology used always stays current with automatic firmware and security patches, and it works within a connected ecosystem, delivering Day-0 security.

The need for network security is in high demand for small to medium business owners. According to CSO Online, $170,000 is the average small business loss when a network has been breached.

Ransomware hits are targeting businesses hard with phishing emails and malicious files which can all be prevented with network security. It’s not if you get hacked, it’s when you get hacked, and keep in mind, most businesses don’t even know that their network has been breached until it’s too late. Now Sonitrol provides a solution to prevent such potentially huge losses.

“Our clients already trust us to help protect their people and physical property, now we have a solution to also protect their digital assets,” says Julie Beach, Sonitrol Vice President.

“The risk of cyberattacks is increasing every day and can severely impact the operations of businesses. Sonitrol has an affordable solution that fits all our customers’ needs.”

Providing 100% cloud-managed IT, Sonitrol Network Protection can configure your network in minutes, allowing it to be managed from anywhere.

This also provides sales and marketing insights into businesses, so users apply intelligent decision making to more effectively solve problems. This simple, affordable solution gives business owners peace-of-mind and business analytics insight they didn’t know was possible.

Sonitrol offers verified security solutions, including verified audio and video intrusion, access control, SonaVision™ video surveillance, fire detection and Network Protection.