SureView Integrates ShotSpotter Technology into Its PSIM Platforms


Gunshot detection provides valuable information for response teams

SureView Systems and ShotSpotter investigate and deter crime, today announced the integration of their intelligence-based flagship technologies.

The integration of ShotSpotter’s gunshot detection system with SureView’s Next-Generation PSIM, (Physical Security Information Management) platform, improves the ability of security operations centers (SOC) to effectively manage real-time responses to gunshots.

How does It work?

ShotSpotter uses acoustic sensors to reliably detect and accurately locate gunshots. Alerts are produced within 60 seconds of trigger pull and include the location of the gunfire, number of rounds fired, and details about whether there were multiple shooters or high-capacity weapons used.

When paired with SureView Response, SOC operators can see a map showing where shots were fired and immediately view the closest live video stream to provide responding investigators with critical situational awareness before arriving on the scene.

Sam Klepper, ShotSpotter’s Senior Vice President, said the integration of gunshot detection offers valuable data for users of SureView’s cloud-based PSIM technology.  

“The combination of ShotSpotter’s gunfire alerts with SureView’s PSIM gives security operations teams the tactical information they need to respond and protect people in a single, manageable view of events,” he said.

Simon Morgan, Chief Product Officer of SureView Systems, said integrating the ShotSpotter gunshot detection was a natural enhancement of SureView’s next-generation PSIM platform.

“ShotSpotter’s technology provides a tremendous amount of information, providing the SOC and its field teams with the situational awareness required to best respond to gunshot-related events,” he said.

“ShotSpotter is an immediate addition to our PSIM platform, helping SureView users make more sense of critical events.”

ShotSpotter brings the power of digital transformation to law enforcement. We are trusted by more than 200 cities and 2,500 agencies to drive more efficient, effective, and equitable public safety outcomes and help make communities safer and healthier


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