Surveon Avatar Failover Ensures Continuous Record Through Collaborative NVRs

Surveon Avatar Failover

Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, introduced Surveon Avatar Failover catering to any mission-critical projects that require continuously recording for a long time such as banking, casino, airport and commercial building.

Distinguished from usual N+M failover mechanisms, once the enabled failover NVR dead, there is no other NVR can take over the recording work for protected NVR, Surveon Avatar Failover supports mutual failover among NVRs, all NVRs in the system could perform recording and serve as failover NVR for each other.

When disaster happened, the failover NVR can not only take over the recording work of protected NVR but also clone the original settings of it, making itself become an avatar of protected NVR.

Surveon NVR Failover

Saving Budget with No Spare NVR Needed

In normal failover mechanism, failover NVR can be used for failover purpose only, but with Surveon Avatar Failover, partners can save the money for buying spare NVRs. All NVRs can record normally without having to spare one NVR simply for Failover purpose. Besides, Surveon Avatar Failover allows the license of camera to be shared with the failover ones, making it become a budget saving solution for projects with limited budget.

Surveon NVR

Advanced Video Protection with Unique Failover Mechanism

With N+M failover, once the enabled failover NVR dead, there is no other NVR can take over the recording work of protected NVR. With Surveon unique Avatar Failover, even if the enabled failover NVR dead, a workable NVR in the system can take over the recording work for it and continuous record for protected NVR and the failover NVR, giving partners a solid solution to solve the problem of traditional N+M failover.


Flexible Architecture for Enabling Failover with Different Model and FW Version’s NVR

Surveon Avatar Failover supports different system structures, and allows different models and firmware versions’ NVRs to be failover for each other.


One of public hospitals in Asia has adopted Surveon Avatar Failover to secure their emergency room. Surveon Avatar Failover supports mutual failover between two NVRs. When one of NVRs fails, the other NVR will take over recording and save the failed NVR’s videos to its internal storage. To find out more details about the public hospital case, please speak with a Surveon representative by or visit

Download Public hospital case-study

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