Surveon Keeps Data Intact With Long Data Retention Solutions

Surveon Long Data Retention graphic

From big data to AI era, to transform a great amount data into useful information to improve business or social benefits, Data Retention technology is becoming the planning and acceptance of most projects due to it allows data to be kept intact for long time.

Surveon Data Retention Solutions provide four advantages, including large capacity for 365-day recording, advanced RAID + spare drive for data security, unique failover for continuous record when NVR fails, robust data replication for double data protection, keeping the factory in Kuwait and one of the public hospitals in Asia surveillance intact.

Large Capacity for 365-day Recording

Surveon provides multiple ways for partners to easily expand the storage capacity of system, including SAS (connect JBOD), iSCSI, and NAS. Partners can buy up storages and expand the storage capacity of the system in batches, making it become the very best budget-saving options. All Surveon NVRs support iSCSI expansion, and all Surveon rackmount NVRs support JBOD expansion.


Advanced RAID + Spare Drive for Data Security

Surveon Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) offers advanced RAID protection and recovery compared to generic RAID. Its patented read/write technology isolates the abnormal drive to maintain system stability and guarantees performance during drive IO delay. Besides, Surveon RAID plus spare volume gives partners a hot-spare that is ready to synchronize data immediately should a hard disk fail, elevating protection level to prevent data loss from broken hard disk.


Best C/P Failover for Continuous Record When NVR Fails
Surveon Failover solutions provide a flexible system architecture to implement mutual recording backup among multiple NVRs without keeping a spare one just for this purpose. Besides, it allows the license of camera to be shared with the Failover ones, making it become the best C/P Failover solutions for critical applications such as bank.


Robust Data Replication for Double Data Protection
Surveon local and remote replication allow users to create full data copies across storage systems or within a single storage system in synchronous or asynchronous mode. Users can set the frequency of replication schedule by day, week or month. If the source needs to resume its role, it can quickly be synced with the remote copy while adjusting only for differences.


Surveon Data Retention Solutions have deployed in the factory in Kuwait and achieved 180-day non-stop recording, ensuring a strong protection for the safety in the factory. Also, one of the public hospitals in Asia has adopted Surveon’s failover solution, allowing the system to record continuously even if the NVR fails, keeping things under control.

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