Synology Surveillance Station 7.0 Beta Available


Synology is claiming a thoughtfully crafted interface that emphasizes ease-of-use is now being tested in Surveillance Station 7.0 Beta. The company is tauting a bold step into the world of physical access control with dynamic automation tools that increased efficiency. This beta also allows for expanded integration of specialized camera hardware. All of this, and more, delivers the most intuitive and flexible Synology Surveillance Station yet, the company says.

Brand New Design
In Surveillance Station 7.0, the interface has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. This new and intuitive design emphasizes ease-of-use, speedy multitasking, and handy organization. Additionally, performance tweaks deliver the smoothest and most responsive experience yet.

Do More With Multitasking
The new design lets you open multiple windows and do more things at once. For example, keep the Live View window open to continuously monitor your spaces, while modifying settings, playing back past recordings, or managing IP cameras — all at the same time.

Alerts For Live View Analytics
Sometimes security personnel need to leave their stations for short periods of time, which might result in them missing alerts or suspicious events. With Live View Analytics enabled, the new Alerts Panel displays recent events right on the Live View page, allowing security personnel to easily review, play back, or save suspicious events — meaning they’ll never miss anything.

Event Linking
Task automation increases efficiency, reduces human error, and closes potential gaps in your security system. To facilitate greater automation, Surveillance Station 7.0 significantly expands the functionality of action rules, making it possible to automatically perform a wider range of tasks, either according to a schedule or when pre-defined events occur.

Physical Access Controller
Surveillance Station 7.0 moves beyond video surveillance and into the real world of physical access control. When paired with AXIS Network Door Controller solutions, surveillance personnel can monitor access points, lock and unlock doors, and view access logs of connected doors – all from the familiar Surveillance Station interface.

You can access the Beta program here.