Active Intelligence Groundbreaking ASTRA Video Anomaly Detection Now Available!

Active Intelligence to announce that its groundbreaking ASTRA™ Autonomous Video Anomaly Detection solution is now available for sale. The decision to initiate the official availability of ASTRA comes after a series of user trials and evaluations in mission critical applications across multiple vertical markets. A breakthrough in proactive security technology, ASTRA™ delivers real-time anomaly detection for a virtually unlimited number of security, safety, compliance, and commercial / industrial applications across the enterprise.

Active Intelligence Demonstrates Broad Spectrum Real-time Detection at ISC West 2023

Active Intelligence experienced high levels of interest and excitement over the company’s ASTRA™ Video Anomaly Detection software at ISC West 2023. After previewing the new video analytics solution in Q4 2022 at ISC East, ASTRA’s hard launch at ISC West reaffirmed Active Intelligence’s anticipated widespread acceptance of a new anomaly detection solution for proactive video security and business intelligence applications.

Active Intelligence Premiers ASTRA Anomalous Detection Solution For Preventive Video Security at ISC East

Active Intelligence is debuting its innovative ASTRA Anomalous Detection Solution here at ISC East 2022 in booth 707. Unlike conventional video analytics, ASTRA doesn’t rely on rules to detect specific activities or events. Instead, ASTRA detects anomalous events by first learning the normal activity in a camera’s field of view. Once that foundation of normalcy is built, ASTRA automatically issues alerts in real-time when something out of the ordinary is detected.