Cambridge Pixel

Cambridge Pixel Leads Radar Electronics Market with Release of New 3D Tracker

Cambridge Pixel has launched a new software-based radar tracker for manufacturers and integrators of deployed E-scan (electronic) radars. These are radars that can be steered electronically and do not require a mechanically rotating antenna. Such a design reduces the radar cross-section and infrared signature of an installation, making it altogether more ergonomic and robust for deployment in ground-based security surveillance applications or in air defence.

Cambridge Pixel Adds Audio Capture to its Multi-function RDR Data Recorder to Support Control Centre Training and Incident Analysis

RDR uniquely captures, records and replays the industry’s widest range of data types in a single recording product, including radar, audio, camera video, computer screens, network streams, AIS, ADS-B, IFF and NMEA-0183 navigation data. Cambridge Pixel, a developer of radar display, tracking and recording sub-systems, has enhanced its multi-function real-time data recorder (RDR) to include audio data capture and playback.