Camera Firmware Update Manager

Viakoo Highlights Unique Verification Solution Lineup for Physical Security at GSX 2019

Viakoo is showcasing several of their newest software solutions for reducing uncertainty in both physical and cybersecurity, including the Camera Firmware Update Manager, the IoT Tracker, and the Video Assurance Service. Together, their family of automated verification products and services help boost security system reliability and reduce uncertainties regarding system status, device status, and system functionality.

Viakoo Showcases Camera Firmware Update Manager At GSX 2018

Viakoo features their Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM) at GSX 2018. This solution provides capability across a distributed geography, to automatically update firmware on camera devices from one or more vendors, and performs these updates with a chain-of-trust method that ensures integrity of the firmware. CFUM adds to other foundational capabilities provided by Viakoo that help organizations achieve reliable and sustainable cyber hygiene.