Chris Fowler

Security.World Q&A with Chris Fowler, Director of Emerging Technologies at ADT Commercial

We’re seeing a rise in violent incidents at businesses and storefronts across the country. What types of industries/workplaces are most impacted? Workplace crime and violent incidents can happen anywhere within any organization. We are particularly concerned about the safety of front-line workers – from retail to public transportation to financial services. Employers must step in with better policies and tools to protect their greatest asset: their workforce.

ADT Commercial Announces New Appointments to Enterprise Security Risk Group

ADT Commercial announced the hiring of three senior-level security professionals to join ADT Commercial’s Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG). The new members of the team boast wide-ranging experience in Fortune 500 companies, healthcare and law enforcement to help commercial organizations as they focus on business continuity, resiliency and adopting best practices in disruptive and uncertain times.