Dilen Thakrar

Oncam Further Enhances Top Performing C-Series 360-degree Video Surveillance Cameras with Multi-Mode

Oncam announced the release of updated firmware that transforms the already powerful and compact C-Series cameras into some of the most advanced and flexible cameras of their kind on the market. With the addition of Multi-Mode, users can choose from five different views and stream up to four of them simultaneously. Multi-Mode adds the flexibility, versatility and ultimately expands the use cases possible with 360-video technology.

The Case for More Remote Management

It’s safe to say the world hasn’t seen anything like this. The disruption that the spread of coronavirus has caused in both our personal and professional lives is anything but “normal.” However, we’re seeing now more than ever, that technology is bringing people together in a unique way. This begs the question: How can this technology help ease the burden businesses are currently experiencing? The saving grace for our business is the ability we have to operate in a remote work environment.