Allegion and Genea Join Forces to Revolutionize Access Control Security with Enhanced Credential Interoperability

Allegion announced a strategic integration with Genea to further enhance organizations’ ability to effectively manage access, enhance security and streamline operations wirelessly. This collaboration expands the array of wireless lock options available for new door openings and underscores the significance of interoperability, allowing users to integrate locks based on the credentials they already use – a pivotal feature that aligns with the evolving needs of the access control industry.

Arcules and Genea Integrate Cloud-Based Security Solutions for a Powerful SaaS Combination

Arcules announced the integration of its cloud-based video platform with the Genea access control platform. The combined cloud-based solution allows businesses to manage access to facilities, validate activities with video data, and quickly react to protect employees and company assets. The unified security solution incorporates video feeds for real-time monitoring, video playback of cloud-based video, camera mapping to door locations for instant video verification, and a camera wall feature to display multiple live camera views.