Google Wallet

HID and Leading Technology Partners Introduce Mobile Credentials in Google Wallet™ for Employees, Tenants and Guests

HID in partnership with Smart Spaces, an award-winning developer of smart building software, and Cohesion, a comprehensive smart building software platform that reimagines the connection between people, systems, and buildings, announces the availability of mobile credentials in Google Wallet, allowing users to access buildings, spaces and systems with their Android devices.

AMAG Technology Announces Company Badge in Google Wallet

AMAG Technology™ announces it will offer company badges in Google Wallet™. Google Wallet is a secure and private digital wallet on Android devices that gives users quick access to their company badge. Users can simply present their Android device to AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Blue reader to unlock a door.

Brivo Expands Brivo Wallet Pass Mobile Credentials With Google Wallet

Brivo announces the launch of support for Google Wallet mobile credentials to provide frictionless access with the tap of a phone. Effective immediately, Brivo customers can empower employees to add their access badges securely to Google Wallet. This advancement enables employees to effortlessly unlock office doors, turnstiles, elevators and key card-protected amenity spaces by tapping an Android phone to a reader, eliminating the need to open an app or carry a traditional physical access card.