Occupancy Management

LenelS2 Offers Healthy Buildings Solutions to Enable Touchless Access, Occupancy Management and More

As people around the world adjust to a new normal, the health and efficiency of our buildings —and how they influence personal health— is critically important. LenelS2 announces its portfolio of solutions, part of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program, designed to help protect people and assets, and to help optimize building health and efficiency. Touchless Access allows building occupants to eliminate a significant number of access touch points through the implementation of industry-leading BlueDiamond mobile credentialing technology.

Genetec Helps Organizations Monitor Occupancy Levels and Ensure Compliance with Physical Distancing Regulations

As many retailers, restaurants, and public venues get set to start reopening in the coming days and weeks, the need to enforce physical distancing measures is critical. To help these organizations monitor their occupancy levels and ensure compliance with regulations, Genetec Inc. announced a new Occupancy Management Package. The Package includes analytics and reporting tools that enable organizations to tap into their security system to count the number of people in a store.