Data Connectors Portland (Cybersecurity)

The Portland Cyber Security Conference features 40-60 vendor exhibits and 8-12 educational speaker sessions discussing current cyber-security issues such as cloud security, email security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security & more. We give away numerous prizes including cash and gift cards up to $100, the latest tech gadgets and much more!  You’ll come away with […]

SecureWorld Portland, OR

SecureWorld offer over a dozen Cybersecurity Conferences throughout the US. This organization has been involved in putting security events for over a decade and they have a reputation of being excellent career-networking opportunities. This conference, taking place in Charlotte will be no exception.

Premier CIO Forum – Portland

Attendees across the region have come to expect a dynamic agenda with relevant, up-to-the-minute topics and exciting speakers who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience, helping you gain practical insights into your business challenges. The Premier CIO Forum includes powerful keynotes, informative breakouts, discussions with subject-matter experts, and cutting-edge solution providers.

Advanced Security Essentials – Enterprise Defender

Effective cybersecurity is more important than ever as attacks become stealthier, have a greater financial impact, and cause broad reputational damage. SEC501: Advanced Security Essentials – Enterprise Defender builds on a solid foundation of core policies and practices to enable security teams to defend their enterprise.

net2 essential Training

This BICSI CEC registered session will cover everything you need to know to install and configure the Net2 hardware, and the day to day use of the system.

Paxton BLU Training

This session is essential for anyone installing Paxton BLU. The course will cover everything you need to know to install and configure the Paxton BLU system.

Security Essentials Bootcamp Style

Learn the most effective steps to prevent attacks and detect adversaries with actionable techniques that you can directly apply when you get back to work. Learn tips and tricks from the experts so that you can win the battle against the wide range of cyber adversaries that want to harm your environment.

2017 Portland SecureWorld

“By providing access to some of the best cybersecurity minds and practitioners, SecureWorld has succeeded in delivering top-notch education and training around the country.”

SANS Security Leadership Essentials For Managers with Knowledge Compression

This completely updated course is designed to empower advancing managers who want to get up to speed quickly on information security issues and terminology. You won’t just learn about security, you will learn how to manage security. Lecture sections are intense; the most common student comment is that it’s like drinking from a fire hose. […]

Community SANS Portland

The Community SANS Portland, organized by the SANS Institute will take place from 6th February to 11th February 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn Portland Airport in Portland, United States Of America. The conference will cover areas like leading experts working in security today. The site of our event is the DoubleTree by Hilton Portland, […]

Teen Caught Urinating In Reservoir: 38 Million Gallons Will Be Flushed

Call it the Big Flush 2 and this time the sequel promises to be much bigger than the original. Portland officials said they are flushing away millions of gallons of treated water for the second time in less than three years because someone urinated into a city reservoir. In June 2011, the city drained a […]

Steve Duin: Portland Police Re-Dedicate Themselves To Video Surveillance

They were walking, Bill Merritt and Peggy McClure, in the damp shadow of the communication tower atop Council Crest when they bumped into a crew laboring over a manhole and the underground fiber-optic cable that rolls down the hillside. What’s going on? they asked.  “A dedicated line,” one of the ditch-diggers said, “running from the tower down to the Portland police station.” “Great,” McClure said.  “So, that means we’ll have quicker response time on 9-1-1 calls?” Not at all, she was told. This line was dedicated to something else altogether.  “Police surveillance.  It will pick up signals from police-operated aircraft.  Which are sorta like manned drones.” Merritt and McClure have been together for 20 years and married for the last seven, most of which they spent abroad while McClure was managing Peace Corps operations in Botswana and Morocco. For all they knew, this broadband operation had already been vetted in council sessions, neighborhood meetings and newspaper columns.  “We’ve been out of the loop,” Merritt conceded. “But what are we surveilling?” Whatever strikes the fancy of Portland police, it turns out.  And once those fiber-optic connections are completed at the Portland Building, the bureau will be able to stream the video to anyone who wants it. “We do not have drones.  We are not getting drones.  Period,” Sgt. Pete Simpson insisted Thursday.  The bureau’s Cessnas, on the other hand, have been around for years:  “We use them for tactical situations.  Block searches.  Missing persons.  If we’re doing a gang cool-down […]