Rekor Systems

Rekor Systems Appoints Christopher Kadoch as Chief Technology Officer

Rekor Systems announced it has appointed Christopher Kadoch as its Chief Technology Officer. Kadoch will lead the engineering team with a focus on product development and innovation. Kadoch is an artificial intelligence and video analytics solution and applications expert with more than 20 years’ experience building AI applications within various business and technology markets.

Rotterdam, NY Police Dept Leverages Rekor’s Watchman Tech

Rekor Systems announced that the Rotterdam, New York Police Department has entered into a subscription agreement to use the company’s Watchman vehicle recognition software for an initial order of five licenses to be installed on existing traffic and surveillance cameras. The software enables these existing cameras to serve as a powerful vehicle recognition system.

Rekor Announces Public Availability of its Solution for Threat Detection and Identification Within Schools

Rekor Systems announced the public availability of FIRSTSight™. FIRSTSight was used to monitor hundreds of schools in Florida, Montana, and Michigan during the 2018-2019 school year. FIRSTSight is more than just a monitoring solution. It incorporates 24/7 social media security monitoring powered by machine learning and a team of analysts backed by threat identification and prevention principles from the U.S. Secret Service.

Rekor Systems Joins NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program to Apply Deep Learning to Video Streams

Rekor Systems announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Metropolis Software Partner Program and is leveraging NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units to accelerate its OpenALPR vehicle recognition software. NVIDIA Metropolis is an intelligent video analytics platform that spans multiple NVIDIA products operating on a unified architecture. NVIDIA Metropolis is paving the way for the creation of AI cities, making them safer and smarter.

Rekor Announces Upgrade to Industry Leading OpenALPR Vehicle Recognition Software

Rekor Systems announced that it has released an upgrade to its OpenALPR vehicle recognition software. The newly released software improves processing speed on Central Processing Units up to 100%, thus enabling customers to reduce costs by deploying up to twice as many cameras using the same computing hardware. Other upgrades include performance improvements on Nvidia Graphics Processing Units.

Rekor Systems Selected by Nokia to Provide Automatic License Plate Reader Software as Part of Nokia’s Analytics Solutions

Rekor Systems, announced it has been selected by Nokia to provide automatic license plate reader (ALPR) solutions. Rekor’s solutions, powered by artificial intelligence-based OpenALPR software, will be offered to Nokia’s worldwide customer-base for use within Nokia smart city offerings. Nokia has applications that help utilities, transportation, logistics, and other public and private entities analyze real-time video streams for site surveillance, inspection, public safety, and more.

Rekor Systems Begins Taking Pre-Orders for Rekor Edge Vehicle Recognition System

Rekor Systems announced that it is accepting pre-orders for Rekor Edge, its all-in-one camera and vehicle recognition solution designed to instantaneously read vehicle license plates, along with the vehicle’s make, model, color and body type. Existing OCR-based license plate reading can cost as much as $30,000 and are difficult to install and maintain. With 99 percent, the Rekor Edge will be the most cost-effective vehicle recognition solution on the market.