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IPVideo Corporation Names Brian Fishler of Huntington Director of Business Development

Long Island Press Releases & News (Bay Shore, NY) Bay Shore-based IPVideo Corporation , a leading manufacturer of Video Management Systems (VMS) and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions, has named Brian Fishler of Huntington, NY as the Director of Business Development. Fishler, a 22-year veteran of the security industry, is an expert in video security technology and integration. Brian Fishler of Huntington, NY is a 22-year veteran of the security industry and an expert in video security technology and integration. As Director of Business Development for IPVideo Corporation, Fishler’s primary focus will be on working directly with security integrators to bring IPVideo Corporation’s advanced VMS and PSIM, technologies to schools, government facilities and corporations in the New York Metropolitan Area and the Mid-Atlantic Region. IPVideo Corporation sells its industry leading product line though its exclusive dealer channel. Fishler will be responsible for educating integrators, architects, engineers and others about the advantages of using company’s best in class technology. “Brian Fishler’s knowledge, expertise and energy have already proven to be an asset for IPVideo Corporation. His industry knowledge in the area of video surveillance allows him to easily educate integrators about the many benefits our Sentry VMS product line and other services we offer,” said David Antar, President of IPVideo Corporation. “IPVideo Corporation offers a feature-rich, yet simple and easy-to-use VMS product with no cost licenses and complimentary software upgrades, offering a high ROI to customers. I am committed to bringing IPVideo’s industry-leading technology and systems to clients through […]

Five Key Components Of A Business Alarm System

Installing a  business alarm system is still one the most effective ways to safeguard your establishment and prevent burglaries. Since windows and doors are main access points, securing these and other areas within your business is of critical importance. As business security technology has advanced, so has the number of different products and options available for business alarm systems. With the help of a business security expert, systems can be built to meet any level of security and budget. To help prepare you for a conversation with a business security provider, we’ve outlined some of the key components of a business alarm system. Door and Window Contacts Door and window contacts are often what people think of when they think of business security. These are switches that can be mounted to many different types of doors and windows. Each switch is held closed by a magnet. When the window or door is opened, it triggers the main alarm system. If the alarm is deactivated, this trigger sometimes registers as a beep or series of beeps or a mere blink on the main control pad. When the alarm is activated, this trigger sends the alarm into full response mode. Motion Sensors Motion sensors can installed as a secondary line of defense for businesses. As their names suggests, these types of sensors detect motion within a certain area. Some of the most advanced models use both microwave and passive infrared (PIR) beams; the former detects motion while the latter detects heat. […]