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Police: Think Twice Before Sharing Video Surveillance Of Crimes

We’re living in the age of video surveillance. Unfortunately, we see it most often when one of us has been violated by crooks. Crimes like package thefts, car prowls, even hit-and-run crashes may never have been solved had it not been for the watchful eye of security cameras. But one Puget Sound police department is warning people to think twice before sharing evidence on social media; otherwise the investigation could be over before it begins.

Social Media Helps Solve Burglary Of Skateboards At Woodland CA Business

Ryan Smith of SorD skate shop in Woodland posted this photograph on Facebook to help catch suspects who allegedly stole from the store on Sunday. As social media continues to grow, the applications of such media are expanding as well. Ryan Smith, a Woodland small business owner, is now a believer in this. Smith utilized Facebook to identify the criminals that stole four skateboards from SorD skate shop on Sunday. Smith, co-owner of the shop on Main Street, was in the back of the store conducting inventory around 6 p.m. when he heard the sound of the door opening. By the time he could get to the front of the store, it was too late. Four skateboards were missing from the collection. Smith ran outside trying to catch a glimpse of who took the boards, but there was no one there. After filing a report with the Woodland Police Department that night, Smith did some investigating of his own. Ryan Smith, Co-owner of SorD skate shop on Main Street, used Facebook to help the four people that stole from the store on Sunday. There are 15 security cameras set up throughout the store, but three were all he needed. He posted the footage on Facebook at 8:30 p.m., as well as a screen shot of the individuals involved, and asked the community for help in identifying them. By 9 p.m., tips were already flooding the company’s Facebook page. Due to the large community response to the video, which had […]