Digital Bazaar Welcomes TradeLens as Key Organizational Identity Blockchain Technology Participant

Digital Bazaar and TradeLens announced a strategic collaboration to help facilitate and implement an array of digital ID solutions intended for wide use across the supply chain industry. Utilizing Organizational Identity automation, both TradeLens and Digital Bazaar are poised to improve collaboration via the use of blockchain-based secure identity proofing and data sharing technology.

Digital Bazaar Collaborates with GS1 US, SecureKey and TradeLens on Global Standards for Organizational Identity

Digital Bazaar, with the support of GS1 US, SecureKey, and TradeLens, plans to roll out a variety of digital products that address identity security gaps. These products will make use of both Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials to strongly authenticate and identify organizations engaging in high-risk business transactions. Enabling the issuance of interoperable, reusable digital credentials brings greater efficiency and stronger authentication to organizational identity.