Technology Is Targeting Human Face for Security Reason


The human face, weather is good looking or bad looking can be a matter of consideration which is used to remember and identify each person from the other. The different features of the face vary from one human being to another. There are approximately 80 points called the nodal points. The various points like the distance of the eyes, width of the nose, the length and the position of the cheeks, the shape and the length of the jaw, are the nodal points.

The shapes and sizes, the peaks and valleys of the different landmarks of the face varies from one person to another. This variation is being considered in the facial recognition software.

The first semi-automated software came into existence as early as in 1960’s.

The latest face recognition algorithms available started working from 2006 which uses 3D face scans and high resolution face images.

Six different steps like detection, positioning, measurement, representation, comparing, and verification are involved in the 3D recognition system.

The images of the face are taken by the system when the person is among a huge crowd.

The image is then compared with the image present in the database.

The database used should be chosen with care. There are various databases used in this system like the FERET, YALE, PIE etc and many more among which the YALE is better than the FERET database used.

The system has two approaches – the Geometric approach and the Photometric approach. In case of the Geometric approach the features of the face are considered whereas in case of the Photometric approach the picture or the photograph of the person is considered.

This system is gaining usefulness in different security systems in the Government sectors, the banking sectors, the crime departments etc.

This is now getting space among the general public. Also facial recognition software is used in the cyber crime nowadays.