Trillium Secure Holds The Line Against DEF CON’s Hackers

Trillium’s Unclaimed Break-in Bounty Shows Strength of its In-Vehicle Defense. No hacker claimed the bounty offered by Trillium Secure, Inc. (Trillium) at DEF CON 26, which proved the strength of its cybersecurity solution for vehicles and fleets.

“Participating in DEF CON every year is very important to us because the hacking conference is a proving ground for our technology,” said Dr. Sachio Semmoto, Chairman of Trillium.

The bounty program was part of Trillium’s ‘DEF CON 26 Pass-GO Challenge,’ which tested the company’s multi-layered defense against cyber-attacks and called for more collaboration with the hacker community to improve Trillium’s in-vehicle network solution. This was the second year DEF CON’s elite hackers were unable to penetrate Trillium’s solution.

Trillium’s engineers also placed second in the Capture the Flag competition. This distinction will increase vehicle operators’ and fleet owners’ confidence in Trillium’s ability to find software bugs and protect data from motivated attackers.

“Our talented team demonstrated leadership in secure data lifecycle management by successfully defending against cyber-attacks,” said David Uze, Founder and CEO of Trillium. “We will continue collaborating with Car Hacking Village participants and the broader hacker community to raise awareness about vehicle cyber-attacks.”

DEF CON 26 is an annual hacking conference in Las Vegas that attracts over 20,000 attendees. The next Pass-GO Challenge will be announced on October 3, 2018

Trillium delivers comprehensive cybersecurity protection and secure data lifecycle management for vehicles and fleets through a subscription service. This protection uses a multi-layered approach to harden connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and fleets against cyber-attacks. Trillium delivers an authenticated operational and threat management data solution for fleet vehicles that preserves privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity of data while at rest and in motion.