Use ESSER Funds for Touch-free Access

Touch free access

Take Advantage of ESSER Fund Opportunities by Implementing Secure Touch-Free Access

Pandemic restrictions may be easing, but the desire to keep K-12 students, staff, and campus visitors safe and secure remains a top priority. Dormakaba, can design modern access solutions to make the physical structure of k-12 school buildings and campuses healthier and more secure without disrupting learning.

Many access control products available on many local, state and national cooperative contracts can qualify for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) or the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds under:

  • “Repairing and improving school facilities to reduce the risk of virus transmission and exposure to environmental health hazards”
  • “Physical barriers to facilitate social distancing”

“We have turnkey solutions to meet security and healthy entrances goals,” said Ben Smith, Senior Manager, Education Vertical Market.

“The first step is a full site survey. A professional assessment conducted by one of our access solutions experts and school officials will help identify a scalable upgrade plan with immediate opportunities, low-hanging fruit, and investment-level options.”

dormakaba’s touch-free access solutions meet the criteria for ESSER funds.

Touch-free solutions support healthier entry across perimeter doors, public restroom doors, and main entries using a wide range of products including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile/Fob SR Readers
  • Touch-free Actuators
  • Swing Door Operators
  • Delayed Egress
  • Antimicrobial Locks
  • Door Operators
  • Door Controllers
  • Automatic Slider Doors
  • Exit Devices

Any manual opening can become touch-free. Transition to contactless, barrier-free and user-friendly access to entrances to:

  • Minimize high frequency touchpoints
  • Reduce the spread of germs

Access control professionals can help school officials match access control solutions to the right contract and ESSER or GEER relief fund requirements.

dormakaba is one of the top three companies in the global market for access and security solutions.