Vanderbilt Proves Access Control Belongs in the Cloud


Cloud-based access control solutions are able to deliver remote access and instant management to protect the premise.

As access control and video management are already key security systems, the shift to an open platform model is only growing. For example, Vanderbilt’s solution allows access to the system from any device (PC or smart device), allowing flexibility for staff working remotely. 

Currently, the majority of Enterprises and many SMBs have either already made or are making the process of shifting resources to the cloud.

  • 94% of Enterprises are already using the cloud in some capacity. And more than half of SMBs using cloud services report significant productivity benefits. 
  • Access control is a vital component of security operations, and when hosted in the cloud allows for greater streamlining and security of an organization’s infrastructure. 

A traditional security system can only be accessed from a PC in a security office, or when a laptop is plugged into a controller, or specific monitor to retrieve important data. This is at best a reactive approach to security management and usually culminates in important events being missed and the same security breaches happening time and time again. 

With an open platform solution, a business owner or security manager can access the system 365 days a year from any device, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, making management simple and intuitive. 

“With so many organizations shifting resources to the cloud, specifically for security software management we are repeatedly seeing the cloud prove its scalability. The benefits of a SaaS based model for end-users are extensive, but a few notable ones include cost and time savings, flexibility, and remote monitoring.” – Kim Loy, Chief Product Officer, ACRE

Due to the significant transformation of technology we’ve seen over the last year with working remotely, this only further amplifies the demand for remote security solutions. When manufacturers focus on shifting to cloud-based access control and intrusion detection security solutions they allow both integrators and end-users to be set up for success.


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