Vector Flow Ushers in the New Science of PIAM Automation

PIAM Automation

Vector Flow is setting new benchmarks in physical identity and access management (PIAM), threat intelligence and security intelligence with modern AI data-driven solutions that automate multiple access provisioning and management disciplines one a single platform.

Vector Flow’s next generation PIAM automation provides insights and actionable intelligence with 100% accurate and reliable data by autonomously managing every identity over their entire lifecycle across large enterprise operations.

Vector Flow aggregates enterprise data related to identities, credentials, and permissions to provide organizations with data-driven insights and actionable intelligence. The automation solution applies data from conventional PACS, as well as all available and applicable business systems. This data can include access history, employment status data from HR software, and even data from systems such as Active Directory. The aggregated data intelligence collectively provides enterprise-wide visibility to all identities over their entire lifecycle.

“Vector Flow is ushering in the new science of PIAM automation in 2023 that increase overall security and operations efficiencies, minimize risks, and save organizations substantial money,” said Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO, Vector Flow.

“Our powerful PIAM solution analyzes both structured and unstructured data from existing systems, devices, logs, and journals to automate processes, and identify and mitigate threats that would otherwise go uncovered.”

Vector Flow performs real-time analysis to draw intelligence out of raw data by applying smart AI algorithms to detect anomalies, trends and KPIs, and provides automated remedies and processes. It continually evaluates hundreds of scenarios that could compromise security of an identity, physical space or an IOT device, and works 24/7/365 to ensure that organizations are always safe and secure.

Vector Flow’s solutions can be categorized into three software suites: Physical Workforce Identity Management, Security Operations SOC Automation, and Threat Intelligence, which can be implemented as stand-alone solutions or in any combination.

Vector Flow’s automated solutions can automatically compute:

  • Exactly what physical access a new hire would need to conduct his/her job
  • Which identity could pose risks to corporate security
  • Which identities are holding over-provisioned physical access
  • Which contractor should have his access revalidated
  • Which credentials may have been compromised

The scope of Vector Flow’s automated managed access provisioning processes and visualization capabilities are extensive, eliminating mistakes, security risks and the associated costs inherent with manual operations.

Now entering its second year of business operations, Vector Flow’s automated PIAM solutions are deployed at several Fortune 500 companies. The powerful PIAM solutions are proving to save users millions of dollars in direct costs, while increasing overall security and operations productivity, and compliance. In one example, a major telecom company is utilizing Vector Flow to automate over 500,000 identities across its global facilities with over 65,000+ doors and otherwise disparate physical access control systems.

The user also streamlined all access audit tasks with no exceptions. This company has already saved millions of dollars in direct cost due to Vector Flow’s automated technology. In another example of Vector Flow’s proven performance, a prominent networking products company reduced their false and nuisance alarm counts by over 80% with tangible ROI in a few months without any human touch or masking of any alarms.

Vector Flow is dedicated to using machine learning and automation to deliver improved operational efficiencies and effectiveness across the entire physical security domain. The company’s advanced cloud-enabled and on-premises platform converts raw security data from multiple sources into intelligent insights to drive operational performance and business results. visit:

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