Veratad Announces Corporate Membership With NJ Technology Council

Veratad Technologies announced they have joined NJ Tech Council an organization for technology companies and organizations as well as tech related professional providers/advisors.

Founded in 1996, the NJ Tech Council is a private, nonprofit membership organization, which supports the tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. It is among the largest and most respected trade organizations of its kind nationwide.

The Tech Council boasts some of the most dynamic conferences in the region including the Innovation Forecast and Venture Conference which attract hundreds of entrepreneurs, innovators and investors with great ideas and capital to invest. These events are fabulous connectors and grow every year with new faces, innovations, and technology. 

Their conferences assembles the region’s best and brightest high-tech and life science executives for insightful discussions, engaging speakers and practical advice for managing growing enterprises.

“This new membership is actually a re-kindling of our connection with NJTC that began many years ago and we are delighted to be back.

NJTC is clearly providing an excellent platform for New Jersey technology companies to leverage the benefits of their advocacy, research, networking and visibility efforts,” says John E  Ahrens, Veratad’s CEO.

“In addition to the benefits of being a member, this is also an opportunity for us to join NJTC and the entire NJTC community in their ongoing efforts to support our industry.”

Veratad’s IDresponse® suite of global verification and compliance solutions, offer a powerful and innovative approach to knowing your online customers.

The Veratad suite includes age verification, identity verification, knowledge-based authentication, document verification as well as an Out-of-Band 2Factor Authentication. Whether deployed as stand-alone solutions or in combination, these technologies are all designed to increase profits, reduce costs, prevent fraud and enhance compliance efforts.

The New Jersey Tech Council provides business development, education, networking and recognition opportunities as well as advocacy for the state and region’s technology businesses.

Veratad Technologies is a world class provider of online/real-time Identity Verification and Knowledge Based Authentication Solutions for those who conduct business on the Internet or any business that needs to verify an individual’s age or identity.