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Arguably, one of the most widespread application from use of the advances in video surveillance is license plate recognition. Also known as LPR, or auto number plate recognition (ANPR), this technology has been put into use for a variety of reasons. From access control to allow cars in or keep them out, to crime scene investigation, parking lot enforcement, and even to identifying customers -especially VIP customers as they approach your business.

Security.World has reviewed the recently released LPR appliance from Vista Networking Solutions (VNS). The VNS V7300 LPR appliance appears to be the only PlateSmart-powered integrated appliance available on the market at this time.

Integrating the necessary hardware components to enable the PlateSmart LPR software to function in an outdoor environment is a significant value to many organizations. This appliance is marketed to system integrators and security system installers that are looking for an ‘all-in-one’ LPR appliance that is outdoor rated.

Vista Networking Systems

VNS’ claim that this LPR appliance reduces the overall development and installation costs and time as the appliance is focused around the PlateSmart ARES software pre-installed and ready for licensing.  VNS is also offering their customers the ability to provide camera and license information to VNS and they will configure the LPR appliance, assign the corresponding IP-addresses, and license the software all at the VNS factory, making the unit ready for installation out of the box.

The custom design “Made in America” aluminum enclosure is a key feature of this solution. The internal hardware components are mounted into the system to make it conformant to outdoor conditions and being jostled around while being installed. 

The system includes remote access management, WIFI/Cellular/LAN connectivity to a larger network, PoE support for one or two cameras, and a computing engine and power management module all within a NEMA3 aluminum enclosure.

The benefit of the solution is that it is a proven design with 100’s of units deployed and is easy to install and configure.  

The VNS V7300 LPR appliance is designed to be quickly mounted externally on a wall or pole adjacent to the camera(s). The V7300 LPR appliance supports up to two IP-cameras of the customer’s choosing, which are connected to the box via Cat 6 Ethernet cables at pre-wired ports. This allows the cameras to be installed up to 300-feet from the appliance.

We were able to take the system out of the box, connect a special power cord, and log into the system. As part of the review system, VNS also provides an Axis Q1700-LE IP-camera that is specially designed and sold by Axis Communication as an LPR surveillance camera. We assigned the pre-determined IP-address to the Axis Q1700-LE camera and the system was up and watching for license plates.

AXIS Q1700-LE License Plate Camera is the first dedicated license plate camera from Axis that enables video capture of sharp images day and night. Axis states that AXIS Q1700-LE is ideal for road and urban security, vehicle loitering, and tracking cars or goods.

What we noticed right away was the ability of the PlateSmart software to easily pull license plate information as cars came into the field of view of the surveillance camera.  We were also to utilize the PlateSmart camera to send us an email anytime a license plate had “CLM” on the tag.  


This is ideal for setting up a system to notify users when a VIP or “high roller” has entered your campus. This could also be used for when those vehicles should be “excluded” from entering the campus.

The clarity of the video from the Axis IP-camera and the ability of the PlateSmart software to extract (with great accuracy) license plate information, as well as details about the vehicle -combined with the all-in-one configuration of this appliance make it an extremely functional and intriguing solution for those looking for an LPR solution.

If you are looking for a NEMA-rated, outdoor, pole mountable LPR appliance where you add cameras (up to four) and start watching vehicular traffic, then we would recommend the VNS V7300 LPR appliance.

Price: $6,499 MSRP


  1. Proven design;
  2. NEMA aluminum enclosure;
  3. Saves design/development resources and build/manufacturing resources for integrators;
  4. Award winning PlateSmart software pre-installed


  1. Over-built for simple one-camera easy to access location
  2. Not consumer / end-customer designed
  3. Network subnet IP addressing scheme may be hard to manage

Competition: Vigilant Fixed HD LPR/ANPR with PLATESEARCH™


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