Von Duprin Concealed Vertical Cable Exit Device Achieves Hurricane Listing


Allegion PLC (NYSE: ALLE), a leading global provider of security products and solutions, announced that its concealed vertical cable (CVC) exit devices, which install in minutes, have been tested to have a design rating of +/- 75 pounds per square foot (psf) with a large missile impact, thus meeting the Florida Building Code requirements for hurricane wind protection.

“Our Concealed Vertical Cable System addresses the frustrations that customers have come to accept with traditional vertical rod systems,” explains Joseph Vaida, Allegion portfolio marketing manager – mechanical. “Not only does the system have equivalent fire ratings to traditional vertical rod exit devices but it also meets the same hurricane codes.”

Instead of installing and adjusting vertical rods, the flexible cable latching system is inserted and secured into the door before the exit device is mounted. Once the latches are secured in the top and bottom of the door, the exit device is attached to the center slide of cable system. During the entire installation process, only one point of adjustment is required.

Moreover, by eliminating the trigger mechanism typically found at the top of the frame, the Vertical Cable System significantly reduces the time and maintenance required to make adjustments when compared to a traditional vertical rod system. Instead of having to move adjustment screws in and out repeatedly, the user only tightens the screw at the point of attachment to ensure that the Concealed Vertical Cable System is properly installed. The height of the bottom latch can even be adjusted while the door is hanging.

Source: allegion.com