Zero Touch Network Provisioning Lessens Installation Time And Expense

BCDVideo announces the addition of their new Pro-Lite Server Switch Bundles featuring Zero Touch Provisioning. Designed to reduce errors and labor expenses the configuration will provision cameras in your network automatically, with minimal manual intervention.

Each bundle can accommodate up to 7, 16 or 24 cameras providing security integrators with a simplified and affordable solution for small to mid-size video surveillance projects.

Staying true to BCDVideo’s system building philosophy, these bundles are equipped with the latest generation Intel® processors and video surveillance grade hard drives. As customer satisfaction has always been a priority for BCDVideo, these bundles come standard with their 5-year, on-site, next business day, and keep your hard drive warranty.

The Server Switch Bundles features include:

  • Available Server Form Factors include a Mini, Small Form Factor, and 1U Rackmount
  • Storage options range from up to 2TB, 10TB, or 30TB depending on chassis size
  • Models include processors ranging from Intel® Core® i3 to Intel® Xeon® E3
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • Hard Drive Technology: SSD / Video Grade SATA

“Zero Touch Provisioning significantly reduces systems integrator’s labor installation costs allowing them to be more competitive on smaller jobs, from on average 8 minutes per camera, to a near instant set up,” says Darren Giacomini, Director of Advanced Systems Architecture at BCDVideo.

BCDVideo’s focus on proactive response and personal service has allowed us to become the most trusted source for security integrators to find innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions.