40% Decrease in Shoplifting from ACCESS Task Force—Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement, Government Officials, and Retailers

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Greater collaboration led to a reduction in weapons violations, burglary, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, across two cities.

LiveView Technologies announced the results of a 1-year initiative with the police departments, municipalities, and retailers in Opelika, AL and Paducah, KY. Named the Alliance of Companies and Communities to Enhance Safety and Security (ACCESS) Taskforce, the initiative saw a substantial decrease in shoplifting, weapons violations, property crime, and trespassing.

“When we look at the success of our units, we’re really hoping to deter crime before it even happens,” said Matt Kelley, Head of Retail Go to Market at LVT.

“We assist the police daily in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals, but we want to truly stop the crime from happening. An LVT Unit can be the difference in getting people home safely. That’s true success.”

Overview and analysis of the study was performed by an independent organization, the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). In total, 49 LVT Units were deployed across the two cities, 32 in Paducah and 17 in Opelika. In collaboration with the local police departments and major retail companies, units were placed in major shopping centers and higher crime locations. A list of retail partners can be found at LVT.com/access. The results are as follows:

Results from Opelika, Alabama:

● LVT contributed to a:
○ 40% decrease in shoplifting

The previous year saw a 20% increase in shoplifting

  • 31% decrease in disorderly conduct
  • 20% decrease in property crime
  • 10% reduction in overall crime in the cityResults from Paducah, Kentucky:

LVT contributed to a:

  • 73% reduction in weapons violations
  • 54% decrease in burglary/breaking and entering
  • 45% decrease in trespassing
  • 21% decrease in property crime
  • 13% reduction in overall crime in the city

“We needed a security system which could be deployed quickly, and placed in exact locations without the concern of power or internet,” said Corey Lowe, Research Scientist at the LPRC.

“The LVT Units fulfilled this need.”


Police departments provided more than a year’s worth of service call data tosupport researchers in analyzing shifts in criminal incidents pre- and post-placement of LVT Units near stores. These changes were further investigated by tallying incident numbers within uniform grid cells established for both cities. Through general linear regression models, statistically significant differences for specific types of incidents were revealed between locations with and without LVT Units. To explore changes in incident distribution across the cities over time, the Getis-Ord Gi* and Moran’s I spatial statistical tests were employed.

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