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Cozaint Introduces New ALICEnvr Cloud-Storage Video Surveillance System

Leveraging Seagate’s Lyve Cloud Infrastructure, ALICEnvr Protects Small Businesses with Scalable Video Retention Security. Cozaint Corporation is announcing the launch of its latest innovation, the ALICEnvr™ cloud-storage video surveillance system. This cutting-edge solution utilizes the power of Seagate Lyve™ Cloud storage infrastructure to provide small businesses with an unparalleled video surveillance experience.  The ALICEnvr system […]

Cozaint Partners With Security Guard Company WGS Group To Deliver BOBBY Surveillance Kiosks To Clients

Cozaint Corp has been selected by WGS Group to deliver the BOBBY physical security kiosk system to their customers. WGS Group is looking to augment its human security guard team with advanced intelligent surveillance technologies that offers video surveillance, access control, “smart” sensor alerts, and area monitoring capabilities all designed to create a safer environment for their end customers. Cozaint’s BOBBY platform of physical security kiosks provides 24/7 situational awareness for organizations of all sizes.

Cozaint Kicks Off Capital Raise Campaign through WeFunder

Cozaint Corp, the developers of the Cozaint Physical-Security-as-a-Service (PSaaS) software platform, has launched it’s capital raise campaign through WeFunder in order to accelerate the company’s growth. Cozaint selected it allows anyone –whether or not they’re an accredited investor– to become an angel investor in Cozaint.

Cozaint Corp Launches New Physical Security Kiosk To Augment Human Security Guard Environments

Cozaint Corporation announced the launch of the BOBBY-W wall-mounted physical security kiosk. The ‘Video Surveillance as a Service’ device has been designed to augment human security guard environments that need additional eyes and ears on their premises. BOBBY-W is based on a custom, Cozaint-built expandable platform that allows for the integration of a multitude of IoT sensors which allow for the monitoring and alerting of motion, water leaks, door/window opening, room temperature, lighting, and much more.

Cozaint Corp Launches Industry’s First VMS Platform With Long-Term Video Retention

Cozaint Corporation announced the launch of askALICE, the industry’s most economical video surveillance management hardware and software system delivering extreme long-term retention. askALICE provides an enterprise-grade video management software suite integrated with server and multi-tiered storage. Cozaint has developed the capabilities of the VMS software to easily play back video from either initial storage or second-tier storage without any additional steps needed by the surveillance operator.

The U.S. NDAA And The Impact On Video Surveillance

A crucial piece of legislation that establishes the Department of Defense’s (DoD) budget and policies is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of the United States. The DoD and other federal agencies’ use of video surveillance camera equipment is a crucial component of the NDAA. Concerns regarding the potential use of surveillance technology by foreign adversaries have risen in recent years.

Smart Cities and Security.World

Urban regions that use cutting-edge technology and data analytics to increase their livability, sustainability, and efficiency have created a new term “Smart Cities.” The idea of these Smart Cities centers on the management and optimization of urban processes through the use of numerous interconnected technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.

Oil and Gas Industry: Video Surveillance Systems

One of the biggest and most complicated commercial sectors in the world is the oil and gas sector. These organizations and their intricate facilities require ongoing monitoring to protect its workers, assets, and business processes. This industry has an expanding demand for cutting-edge video surveillance systems to improve its security posture due to the growing vulnerabilities of just such facilities.

Physical Security a Top Priority for Campus Security

Campus life, whether elementary, high school, college, or corporate are intended to be secure places where people can learn, grow, and work. Campuses around the world, nevertheless, have seen violent incidents and threats, and it seems to be increasing in recent years. As a result, Campuses must prioritize physical security measures to guarantee the security of their instructors, staff, students, and visitors.

Video Surveillance In Traffic Management

The safe and effective movement of people and products on roads, highways, and other transportation networks depends in large part on effective traffic management. Video surveillance has developed into a crucial tool for managing traffic, enabling officials to monitor traffic flow, spot traffic infractions, and promptly address situations. The significance of video surveillance in traffic management and its advantages for drivers and traffic authorities will be discussed in this article.

Physical Security Challenges At Country Borders

The government and the general public have long been extremely concerned about the physical security of the United States’ borders. The security of the borders, which comprise the coastline and the northern and southern borders, is crucial for the safety and development of the nation since they serve as important points of entry for both products and people.

Advancements in Airport Security with Video Surveillance

By Jay Jason Bartlett Airport security is a crucial aspect of air travel since it safeguards the safety and security of passengers, employees, and aircraft. In reaction to the rise in terrorism and other security threats, airports have implemented a number of security measures to fortify their defenses. One of the biggest advancements in airport […]

Testing Physical Security Systems: Ensuring The System Is Working Properly

Physical security systems play a critical role in protecting people, property, and assets from unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and other forms of harm. These systems range from alarm systems and perimeter fence to surveillance cameras and access control devices and they need to be inspected frequently to make sure they are operating properly and offering sufficient security. Testing the physical security systems that we have spent significant expense into installing into our environments involves evaluating their performance and detecting any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.

Outdoor Events and Nomadic Surveillance Cameras: A General Overview

In recent years, the usage of mobile security cameras at outdoor events has grown in popularity. For event planners wishing to improve their security and monitoring capabilities, these cameras offer a versatile and portable alternative. Nomadic cameras can aid in ensuring the participants’ safety and the success of any major gathering, including concerts, festivals, sporting events, and other types of events. In this article, we will highlight the advantages of employing mobile cameras and other security equipment as well as how they may benefit security workers and event planners.

Video Surveillance In No-Light / Low-Light Conditions

Video surveillance cameras are frequently used in a variety of settings to provide protection and security. However, these cameras frequently have lighting problems, especially at night or in dimly lit environments. The capacity to record clear video may actually be hampered by these lighting circumstances, which may even threaten the surveillance system’s overall performance. These circumstances make low-light or no-light video security cameras useful because they can record precise and clear video in low lighting.

Autonomous Physical Security: Advancements And Future Prospect

As we know it, physical security is the protection of personnel, property, and assets from theft, damage, or unauthorized access. With the advancement of technology, physical security has evolved from traditional methods such as access control systems, video surveillance cameras, and human security guards to autonomous systems, providing enhanced protection and improved operational efficiency. Autonomous physical security refers to the integration of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics, and internet of things (IoT), to create self-sufficient security systems that can operate without human intervention.

Physical Security And Cyber Security: Two Layers Of An Overall Security Solution

Physical security is a crucial aspect of cyber security as it deals with the protection of the tangible components of a computer system. Given that it involves safeguarding the actual physical parts of a computer system, physical security is an essential component of cyber security. The elements of physical security include protecting workstations, servers, storage systems, and other pieces of gear. To guarantee the privacy, accuracy, and availability of the data stored and processed on these systems, these assets must be physically protected.

Retention Challenges in Video Surveillance Storage

Video surveillance retention is the practice of keeping recorded footage from security cameras for a specified period of time. While this technology can be beneficial in solving crimes and monitoring security, it is not without its limitations. One of the biggest limitations of video surveillance retention is the cost involved. Installing and maintaining a video surveillance system can be expensive, and the cost of storing the recorded footage can add up quickly.

Why Airport Security Needs Long-Term Video Surveillance

Video surveillance stands out as a crucial instrument in the complex web of airport security, helping to ensure the protection of travelers, employees, and airport property. As important as instantaneous monitoring is, keeping video footage for a longer period of time is also essential for resolving a variety of security issues.