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Building Safety Month Supports Safer Buildings and Communities Around the World

The International Code Council’s Building Safety Month campaign reaches its final week with a focus on working together to address global challenges such as extreme weather and water scarcity. The adoption and enforcement of modern codes and standards, which are constantly updated to reflect the latest building science, is a crucial first step in protecting global communities.

43rd Annual Building Safety Month Begins in Two Weeks

The two-week countdown has begun for the International Code Council’s 43rd annual Building Safety Month. The campaign, designed to increase awareness of building safety issues in homes, schools and other buildings, will feature five weekly themes. Each year, communities around the world sign official proclamations to declare May as Building Safety Month.

NEC Provides Facial Recognition System for Admission Control at EU Summit

NEC Corporation and its Romanian Branch office announced the provision of a facial recognition system for admission control at the EU Summit held in Sibiu, Romania on May 2019. From January to June 2019, Romania held the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time, during which time the country was dedicated to strengthening security measures at important domestic events. NEC was selected by the Romanian Protection and Guard Service to provide NeoFace.

HID Global Helps Put ID Cards and Documents into the Hands of Millions Throughout Africa

The latest additions to HID Global’s portfolio address the challenges African nations face in issuing credentials to remote locations while also serving high-volume needs of large metropolitan areas. The company’s HID FARGO Connect solution enables ID cards to be issued from anywhere and any device via a web interface in a trusted environment, changing the paradigm for governments whose citizens live in distant, hard-to-reach locations with limited infrastructure.

IBM’s India Head Reveals How Creating Smart Cities in India Is Really No ‘Rocket Science’

The government has allocated Rs. 98,000 crores for 100 Smart Cities Mission in India. Clearly it is not enough, agrees Pratap Padode, founder and director of Smart Cities Council India. So this is where the private players come in and a lot is dependent on them. Are they willing to take risk? What is the current status of their involvement in this project?

2015 SecurityHive Industry Influencers: Vote Here

Scroll down and read about the 2015 SecurityHive Industry Influencers below and vote for who you believe influences our industry the most. Who do you believe has great insight into the physical security and video surveillance markets that their advice needs to be followed? Who do you make sure you check out as a conference […]