Building Safety Month Supports Safer Buildings and Communities Around the World

Week 5 of the Code Council’s Building Safety Month campaign addresses how to elevate building safety solutions across the globe

The International Code Council’s Building Safety Month campaign reaches its final week with a focus on working together to address global challenges such as extreme weather and water scarcity. The adoption and enforcement of modern codes and standards, which are constantly updated to reflect the latest building science, is a crucial first step in protecting global communities.

Week 5

Solving Challenges Together, elevates the importance of implementing building safety solutions around the world to improve the resiliency and sustainability of communities.

“As Building Safety Month comes to an end, it is important to recognize that the responsibility of creating a safe built environment rests on the collective efforts of individuals across the globe. We all hold the power to make a lasting impact and, by helping to spread awareness of building safety, we can create a safer world for generations to come,”

said President of the Code Council Board of Directors, Michael Wich, CBO.

2023 Building Safety Month sponsors include the American Gas Association, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, American Concrete Institute, Open Gov and more.

More information about Building Safety Month, including details regarding virtual events and downloadable resources, can be found at

The U.S. President, along with hundreds of communities and organizations, have issued proclamations declaring May 2023 as Building Safety Month.

To participate in Building Safety Month:

  • Join us on social media and help spread the word. #BuildingSafety365
  • Download the promotional toolkit to promote Building Safety Month.
  • Discover resources for planning Building Safety Month events.
  • Check out some of our member-generated content for Building Safety Month.
  • Get kids involved and visit the Kids Corner for more resources.

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