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Scroll down and read about the 2015 SecurityHive Industry Influencers below and vote for who you believe influences our industry the most.


Who do you believe has great insight into the physical security and video surveillance markets that their advice needs to be followed?

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Below is a list of nominations submitted during July and August. Vote now and SecurityHive will accept and count the votes our community submits for the industry leaders and market influencers.

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Ajay Jain

Quantum Secure 

Ajay Jain is the President and CEO of Quantum Secure, Inc. Ajay has been the driving force behind the immense success of the company’s innovative SAFE Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution which centrally manages physical identities and access across diverse physical security systems. As a result of Ajay’s leadership and management, Quantum Secure was acquired by HID Global in March of 2015. Ajay’s prior achievements in the industry include formulation of Mokume Software, a real-time enterprise software company in the field of manufacturing and security, which was acquired by Versant Corp (Nasdaq: VSNT). Prior to that, Ajay co-founded MarketFirst Software, which was acquired by Pivotal (Nasdaq: PVTL). Ajay has also held senior and executive management positions at Clarify, Qdecor and Netscape. 

Alan Forman


Alan Forman is cofounder and principle of Altronix Corporation– a company that has grown over the years to become a global leader in low voltage power and distribution solutions. A Brooklyn NY based technology company, Altronix designs and manufactures all of its products in the U.S.A., which are marketed through a global sales network. Altronix products are renowned for their quality and reliability, and provide the critical foundation for professional security and surveillance systems. 

Bill Romano


Bill has brought new vision to RFI with regards to turning this integrator into a RMR generating machine. He has seen the folly of the “live and Die” by the profitability of project by project selling and have motivated me to think outside the box. He has championed new initiatives within our organization with an RMR “longer view.” ie DVR health monitoring for a monthly subscription. I am selling more RMR due to his tutelage! His experience as a former VP at Protection One has been instrumental in helping our organization view business differently. He has caused us to reinvent ourselves and it is showing results 

Bob Ehlers

HauteSpot Networks 

Bob is a thought leader in wireless and edge video processing. He developed one of the first wireless protocols optimized for VOIP live streaming. Bob developed some of the most innovative solutions for video streaming over cellular, and the concept of dynamic rate adaptive transcoding. Bob has spent his entire Career creating innovative technologies and delivery capabilities to meet and exceed a customer/partners expectation, both effectively and efficiently. He does such by leverage cost effective emerging technologies. Further, he remains well researched, knowledgable and willing to educate and share his experience and knowledge unselfishly with the industry. 

Bud Broomhead


Bud Broomhead is a serial entrepreneur who has led successful software and storage companies for more than two decades. He has experience delivering computational and storage platforms to the physical security space for over seven years, with an emphasis on infrastructure solutions for video surveillance. With the formation of Viakoo, Bud is applying his extensive IT and pro security experience to provide an innovative new service that monitors networked video streams, such as security camera outputs, to ensure they are operating, being successfully stored or delivered, and retained as intended. 

Chris Peckham

Kratos Public Safety & Security 

Currently CTO at KPSS; Senior Vice President and CTO Chris Peckham leads Kratos’ efforts in complex projects and programs, and is also the primary driver of the technology efforts that maintain the company’s innovation in emerging trends. PhD who seeks to identify, share, and promote open source technology for the benefit of the industry as a whole, who is also passionate about balanced and inclusive leadership. Twitter page is as loaded with intriguing technology bits as it is with unique business and management blurbs. Frequently-featured speaker, panelist, and moderator at industry and related events. Assertive approach with an open mind – uncommon combination. 

David Humphrey

HP Autonomy 

David has over 17 years’ experience in video surveillance, focusing primarily on video analytics, and has been involved in projects throughout the world. As the CTO of HP Video, David leads a team that has produced ground breaking innovations in facial recognition, automatic license plate recognition and intelligent scene analysis. The technologies David and his team have pioneered are used by governments, police, armed forces and commercial organizations. Having won a recent award for best analytics as the recent ISC West exhibition, there is no doubting that David is changing the landscape of video analytics. 

David Marsh

Wave Representatives 

20 years of industry eperience, including selling Exacq, Arecont, Digital Watchdog, Illuminar, Hautespot, Etherwan, etc. Dave has been able to bring several fortune 500 companies into the IP camera realm. David has the innate ability to not only relate to his customers, he is also able to understand their needs and build a solution to meet their needs and budget. David has a strong knowledge of the security industry and is able to give out information to his clients that is relative to their situation. David stays on top of the latest trends in security and is constantly striving to build his linecard with the best products in the market that will best help his clients move into the latest technologies. 

Fredrik Nilsson

Axis Communications 

Fredrick is the GM for the leading sales office in physical security in the entire industry. He graduated from the prestigous Lund Technical University in Sweden. He also published a book that dives deep into surviellance topics and forecasts growth of the industry. He is a class act and easily somebody you would want accepting this prestigous award on behald of Axis Communications. He is always willing to lend a helpful hand as well to anybody on any level in the entire company. 

Gadi Piran

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. 

I am very happy to nominate Gadi Piran, Co-founder, President and CTO of OnSSI, as a 2015 Physical Security and Video Surveillance Market Influencer. Gadi is the true visionary for OnSSI and for the IP surveillance industry as a whole. His solutions for inclusion and integration of Physical Security technology with Ocularis’ video management software has resulted in efficient and effective systems that detect real threats and other anomalies, combining physical actions and transaction data with corresponding video. He encompasses a vision of making the world safer which is exemplified through his work in OnSSI’s innovation lab and resulting security products. In addition to his technical prowess, Gadi is also a strategic business professional who has deftly navigated successful acquisitions and partnerships. My own professional background is in marketing, and throughout my career I have experienced the different and sometimes opposing viewpoints of the technical engineering mind versus the creative marketing mind. Gadi has a keen sense for creative marketing which creates an equilibrium that balances the major initiatives he oversees. Gadi commands a room not only within his organization but outside as well with his insight, ideas, judgment and intellect. 

Ian Johnston

ISD Inc. / Digital Watchdog 

IP Cameras, Optics, Electronics, System Architecture, Market Vision, Communication Skills. Ian is a visionary and has a track record of innovation and influencing the market. Achieving his vision was previously hindered by appalling top leadership at IQinVision, then by lack of finance in his own start-up. Now as CEO of ISD as acquired by Digital Watchdog, and as CTO of DW itself, Ian is transforming DW into a market leader in IP cameras, which, in these days of intense competition, is an immense achievement. 

John Chigos

PlateSmart Technologies 

John Chigos is the founder and CEO of PlateSmart Technologies. He has played an instrumental role in spearheading innovative technology and growth for the video surveillance and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) sectors. Devoted to ensuring the safety of law officers, agents and citizens from those who would try to harm them, Chigos has led PlateSmart to develop the world’s leading software-only solutions for ALPR and video data analytics. PlateSmart’s signature enterprise system, ARES, is considered a lifesaving technology that delivers mission-critical information in law enforcement, education, healthcare, transportation and homeland security. Chigos has not only been an advocate for creating top-of-the line ALPR systems, but also for delivering this technology at an affordable price for federal and state agencies. He has also led the way in promoting the use of ALPR to create business and security intelligence while maintaining data integrity. With PlateSmart’s products being hardware agnostic, they stand as the most cost-effective solutions in the ALPR market today. Known for his forward thinking, Chigos is constantly anticipating the marketplace’s biggest demands and how to meet those needs. Recently, there have been several questions about privacy and the information collected by ALPR systems. Under Chigos’ leadership, PlateSmart has become the primary voice addressing these concerns and has advocated for a unified, ALPR audit component across the industry that guarantees data protection and integrity. As the lead spokesperson on this issue, Chigos believes an audit trail system is the best way to demonstrate to the public that the data stored is safe. This creates greater trust among the populace, which ultimately enables the expanded use of the technology. PlateSmart is leading by example in this area and is continuing to develop more and more sophisticated audit trail features that will eventually be integrated into its ALPR solutions. As an innovator, influencer and expert in homeland security, counter terrorist technologies, and predictive policing, Chigos has and will continue to drive the industry to build better technology that solves today’s problems and the future’s challenges. 

John Honovich


John is an expert on IP video and VMS in the industry.

John Romanowich


John Romanowich is the president and CEO of SightLogix, a leading supplier of intelligent video solutions for outdoor security applications. As the driving force behind the development of the company’s innovative SightSensor thermal cameras that deliver the most efficient long range/wide area protection perimeter protection in any weather conditions with low nuisance alerts. John has two decades of success in building technology companies, having held management positions in video technologies with Intel, IBM and the Sarnoff Corporation. He also co-founded Pyramid Vision Technologies, a pioneer in intelligent video surveillance acquired by L3 Communications. Mr. Romanowich is a board member of the Security Industry Association (SIA) and serves as the Chairman of SIA’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group. Mr. Romanowich is also the chairman of SIA’s Perimeter Security Standards Subcommittee and a member of the RTCA Airport Perimeter Intrusion Detection Standards Group. For Mr. Romanowich’s efforts within SIA, he received the “2011 Statesman Award”, the highest honor given to one member each year. 

Keith Bloodworth

CNL Software 

Keith Bloodworth is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful start-ups. He is a co-founder of Axis Communications. Keith’s ability to bring best practice from the IT industry and introduce these concepts and ideas into physical security has catapulted physical security practises from closed, antiquated and expensive to engaged, informative and valued. Today he is pushing the boundaries of technology and redefining the integrated security market. Few have invested as much time, energy and resources into fundamental innovation within this security industry as Keith, his vision and execution of this is helping to secure the future of each and every one of us. 

Mark Berger


Mark Berger, President and Chief Product Officer at Securitech Group, Inc. has a long history of innovation specializing high-security door locks. Under Mark’s leadership, Securitech is recognized as an industry leading manufacturer of door lock solutions for emerging needs, including multi-point door locks, automatic deadbolt locking and electric locking solutions. Given the demand for better locking devices for school classrooms, Mark pioneered the development of Securitech’s unique DHS-compliant QID™ (Quick Intruder Deadbolt) classroom lock which quickly locks down classrooms and deadbolts the door with one push of the unique red button. Securitech is also the first company to produce exit devices and locks that meet rigorous FEMA Windstorm testing standards. In addition to his role at Securitech, Mark is Chairman of the Door Safety Council, Chairman of BHMA Codes & Government Affairs Committee, Membership Chairman of the ASIS Physical Security Council, and a lecturer for the New York Police Department. 

Maureen Wills


20+ years of access control experience working with Hirsch. 2 years experience working for S2 Security and one year experience working for Intransa. Most recently, she has joined Wesco/Communications Supply Corp on the distribution side and she is definitely a market influencer and has developed amazing relationships with system integrators and manufacturers alike. 

Mike Matta


As Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Matta runs the day-to-day operations of Solink while managing strategic relationships with international partners and integrators. Mike is an expert in creating value for customers in data intense industries. His years of experience working in data analysis have helped shape the overall direction of Solink. The company’s video discovery platform is leading the convergence of big data analytics and physical security video. With this disruptive technology, Mike’s vision is to redefine the way video data is used: from a security-centric technology to a proactive business intelligence tool. Mike has been featured in or interviewed by the Ottawa Business Journal, Kanata North BIA, Security Systems News, Security Director News, Security Today and Security Hive. He has also written articles for Security Director News and Security Info Watch. 

Mulli Diamant

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. 

Co-founder of OnSSI – expertise in IP based video surveillance – channel management – technology integrations – business development 

Patrick Bailey

Guidepost Solutions

With his 20 years of security experience, coupled with his having worked on the system integration side, the manufacturing side and now the consulting side, he has truly done it all. He has extensive knowledge in many areas within our industry and has the innate ability to explain the technology in ways that people at all levels can understand and learn from. He has amazing sales skills, relationship building capabilities and is very well respected and well liked in the industry. 

Per Bjorkdahl


Per Björkdahl is the current Chair of the ONVIF Steering Committee and has been since the fall of 2012. Per is involved with ONVIF’s conformance initiatives and represents the member-driven organization as a speaker at trade shows and other technology events and to the media at large. His professional career includes a lifelong commitment to technical convergence with Axis Communications and companies like TAC (now part of Schneider Electric), advocating for the acceptance of communications standards in the building automation industry. Per has worked in the physical security industry for more than 25 years and was an early supporter of IP technology within the industry. Per is currently Axis Communications’ Director of Business Development, a position he has held for more than 16 years. 

Richard Brent

Louroe Electronics

Richard Brent, CEO of Louroe Electronics, has utilized his experience in consensus building, quality management, and organizational performance to manage and grow his company’s deliverables as the world leader in audio monitoring technology. Under Brent’s leadership, Louroe has expanded its product suite in 2015, by launching its first-ever audio analytic software solution called the Aggression Detector. One of Louroe’s key markets is Latin America. Consequently, Brent has made it priority to not only be involved in multiple trade missions in those regions, but also to drive the conversation on how to expand trade opportunities by participating in seminars such as the U.S.-Mexico CEO Dialogue. As a result of Brent’s continued efforts, Louroe’s exports to Mexico have more than doubled in recent years. In fact, Secretary of State Penny Pritzker honored Louroe with the President’s “E” Award in May 2015, which is the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. With over a decade of experience in leading government affairs for Solar Turbines, A Caterpillar Company, Brent is passionate about affecting change through legislation. He has continually championed the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) initiatives to create partnership and camaraderie between security professionals and lawmakers. Earlier this year, SIA named Brent the 2014 Committee Chair of the Year for his outstanding work in spearheading the 2014 SIA Government Summit. Soon afterward, SIA later elected Brent to its board of directors. Brent’s influence on the security industry is best embodied in a recent statement from SIA CEO Don Erickson. “Richard’s passion for the success of the electronic physical security industry is infectious. He is also keenly aware of the major trends within the industry and the challenges and opportunities facing SIA members,” said Erickson. “His insights into our dynamic and ever-changing industry will undoubtedly strengthen SIA’s effectiveness in meeting the needs of our members and help the industry to grow.” 

Sal D’Agostino

IDmachines LLC 

A 30-year record of innovation and success known across the industry. Sal has designed, built and deployed new technology and solutions in digital imaging, analytics, industrial automation and controls, machine learning , identity, credentialing, access, security and intelligent infrastructure markets. At Computer Recognition Systems and CoreStreet projects and solutions included EZ Pass and other electronic toll collection systems, physical security systems at the US Capitol and Pentagon and internet digital identity solutions around the globe. Subject matter expert, technology provider and trusted advisor to end-users, system integrators and solution providers. Active member and officer of industry organizations and working groups including the Open Identity Exchange, the Kantara Initative, the IDESG, the Security Industry Association, the Smart Card Alliance, ASIS International Closely involved in physical physical security standards related efforts including the open supervised device protocol (OSDP) and simple network monitoring protocol (SNMP). Recent research, publications and presentations on cloud and mobile application security. Sal D’Agostino is a trusted reference that helps to simplify technology and business decisions and gaps. The IDmachines’ team delivers the technical and business acumen Sal brings. All of these build into the long standing and growing moves, shakes, influences and next steps for Sal and IDmachines’ customers. 

Scott Schafer

Arecont Vision 

Scott Schafer has served as the Executive Vice President of Arecont Vision® since March 2009. His contributions to the company in global sales, marketing, service and quality are a driving force in Arecont Vision’s success as the industry global leader in megapixel technology. Arecont Vison has profitably grown 400% during his six years. Schafer is a frequent speaker and moderator at security industry events. His bylined articles and expert commentaries on the security industry and megapixel technology can be seen in the pages and on the websites of the industry’s most prominent outlets. Prior to joining Arecont Vision, Mr. Schafer was recruited by Pelco to grow the company and to lead its development of the then emerging IT/IP based video security market segment. During his five year service as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the company profitably grew 250% and was the most respected firm in the video security business. Pelco was acquired Schneider Electric. His experience also includes Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, the leader in enterprise software for the automotive industry. During that time he was also on the Board of Directors for Reynolds and Reynolds Australia. He served in many management roles at NCR Corporation during his 19 years, including the VP and General Manager of global networking and high availability services, Vice President of Product and Channel Marketing for the Computer Systems Division, and Vice President of major accounts for NCR’s USA reseller division. For the past seven years, Mr. Schafer has been a member of the Board of the Directors for the Security Industry Association (SIA). He currently serves as the Treasurer and is a member of the Executive Committee. He has served as the Secretary and Membership Chairman. During his time as Membership Chair, the organization grew its membership by over 50% in five years. Earlier this year, Mr. Schafer received SIA’s Chairman’s Award for his successful leadership and contributions to the organization and the security industry. 

Tom Galvin

Razberi Technologies

President Razberi Technologies October 2011 – Present (2 years 10 months) Carrollton, Texas We’re looking for talented professionals to join our growing company! The Razberi line of network appliances dramatically simplifies the installation of Megapixel video cameras for video surveillance. Check us out at www.razberi.net. President NetVideo Consulting April 2006 – November 2011 (5 years 8 months) Perform technical product evaluations and competitive analysis of video management software and network video products used for security and surveillance. Provide strategic guidance on marketing and product management. Provide project consultation, design and specification services for network video systems. GVI Security Solutions Vice President, Product Management GVI Security Solutions September 2009 – September 2011 (2 years 1 month) General ElectricVice President General Electric April 2004 – April 2006 (2 years 1 month) Responsible for directing the product management and development efforts for video surveillance and security products. Verint Video Solutions Vice President, Product Development Verint Video Solutions March 2001 – March 2004 (3 years 1 month) • Provide executive leadership and technical direction for development of digital video recorder and video content analysis systems. Direct report to CEO of business unit. • Responsible for full scope of product development: software, hardware, QA test and technical documentation. • Recruited, developed and built a strong product development organization of 45 engineers that spans two geographic sites and includes outsourced engineering work in India. • Successfully developed and launched new products that have contributed to consistent sales growth and a successful public offering of stock. • Actively engaged in customer presentations and successful sales engagements. • Defined and prioritized product requirements in partnership with Sales and Product Management organizations. • Defined and maintained an ISO-9001 certified product development process. • Performed due diligence for business acquisitions. MCI TelecomDirector, Engineering MCI Telecom June 1991 – February 2001 (9 years 9 months) • Provide executive leadership and overall technical direction to staff of 200+ geographically dispersed engineers and 17 managers responsible for development of communication software based on voice and Internet technologies. • Direct full life cycle engineering efforts: product conception, business case preparation, requirement analysis, architecture, design, programming, quality assurance, technical publications and support. • Develop business cases for new product development. Manage annual operating and capital budget in excess of $25 million. • Designed and developed global call center applications that support MCI WorldCom traffic for Calling Card, Operator Services, Directory Assistance, Skytel Paging and Customer Service. • Support marketing efforts to develop new businesses for consumer and commercial markets, both domestic and international. 

Victoria Ferro

MKS (Micro Key Solutions)

Victoria Ferro has been the president at MKS since 2011. She has been with the company since 2002 having held positions as Business Development Representative and Sales Manager. As Micro Key Solutions entered its 30th year anniversary in 2015, Victoria headed a company rebrand to MKS which accompanied a new tag line and color scheme as well. She also has guided the direction of MKS offering mobile apps to customers. During ISC West, their new sales app, MKSales won Security Sales and Integration’s Most Valuable Product for business functions application. Victoria also received a huge honor during the show and was recognized as one of the winners of the WSC Women of the Year in Security. New products and software versions are planned for the remainder of the year.