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Cloud-based access control is gaining global popularity as more organizations seek to adopt a robust, convenient, and scalable security solution.  

As we continue to see advancements in physical security, the presence of the cloud has caused considerable changes in the access control space. Cloud-based access control provides reliable, real-time control of your facilities and can also be openly integrated with third-party systems (such as video surveillance) to help mitigate and prevent risks within the organization.

The cloud ultimately eliminates old hardware and improves on new security protocols with minimal work from the end-user. One of the critical parts of cloud-based access control is that it frequently leverages the power of data.   

Implementing a cloud-based system permits employees to gather more data beforehand and better prepares them to monitor their business effectively. In addition, the overall safety and security improve when the access control system combines with smart devices such as surveillance cameras or data such as login and credentials.  

Cloud-based solutions

Integrating with other systems is another reason cloud-based solutions are strongly suited for various sectors. For example, security personnel across all different verticals (education, healthcare, transportation, etc.) used to have to wait to collect video to monitor the situation. With cloud-based access control, video surveillance can seamlessly integrate into the system, providing real-time monitoring and access control through mobile devices.   

“The cloud is gaining significant popularity amongst organizations. For organizations exploring upgrading their security infrastructure, remember, it’s crucial to pick a flexible system that will integrate seamlessly with other third-party systems while still being able to place mobile access at the forefront. Seek solutions that will create a stronger, more convenient, and reliable addition to your infrastructure for years to come. ” – Don Joos, CEO of ACRE.  

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