Armstrongs, A Becklar Company, Debuts State-of-the-Art Critical Event Monitoring and Data Center in Quebec

Armstrongs announce the grand opening of a state-of-the-art critical event monitoring and data center in Laval, Quebec. The center will provide dedicated video monitoring and remote guarding, as well as traditional security, fire and medical alert services. Armstrongs has been providing exceptional wholesale, ULC-listed alarm monitoring services to independent security dealers across Canada since 1989, and this new center represents a significant investment to expand services further.  

Armstrongs and Becklar Team in Quebec

This leading-edge, fully-redundant monitoring and data center in Laval is designed to provide a Canadian-based facility as the primary home to all receivers and storage of subscriber data. Partnering with local, national and international telecommunication providers gives this facility multiple paths of redundancy and ensures low latency for critical alarm signals for Canadian subscribers.   

Becklar, parent company of Armstrongs, has always been committed to meeting or exceeding industry standards, including offering the fastest average emergency response times of under 10 seconds. 

“We are so pleased to open this innovative and technologically-advanced data and monitoring center in Laval, continuing Becklar’s commitment to grow in Canada,” said Dan Small, President of Armstrongs. 

“This new station has created over 55 new jobs in Laval to date, with plans to increase this further before the end of the year. With this new center, we can continue to provide the highest level of customer service to our valued dealers across Canada.” 

This investment in technology will provide significant advancements in wholesale monitoring services in Canada. Armstrongs will be the first to employ toll-free re-route in Canada, allowing a single receiver line to travel across multiple tier one carriers as well as report to multiple centers. Redundancy and automatic failover become a built-in component of these lines.  

“Every alarm signal we handle is important and could be lifesaving or property saving,” said Justin Bailey, President of Becklar Enterprise Monitoring. 

“Redundancy significantly increases the probability that a signal is properly received regardless of circuit issues, weather, or equipment failure. Our primary focus is delivering superior service, and responding in the moments that matter – our investment in Laval will help ensure we are there when our subscribers need us.”

The center will also bring a Class C IP address space with failover to our other facilities across North America. This will provide superior redundancy to the over 250,000 accounts monitored by Armstrongs in Canada today and was built to meet or exceed all ULC requirements.  

Armstrongs, A Becklar company, is a premier provider of wholesale monitoring services with multiple ULC listed monitoring stations across Canada. Armstrongs is committed to monitor and respond to any signal, anytime, with exceptional speed, accuracy, and service. visit:  

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