New NAPCO StarLink Fire Max2 – UL-Listed Dual Sim/Dual Path Universal Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator

Amityville has recently launched its next-gen StarLink Fire Max 2 5G Dual Sim Fire Alarm Communicator, an innovative UL Listed, NFPA 72 compliant dual sim/dual path model that comes with a host of labor-saving features, and a new low equipment cost & monthly rate with instant rebate (nothing to mail in).

The ideal UL 864 Listed solution for maximizing your commercial fire business’ RMR while minimizing accounts’ operational expenses with no hidden extra costs, it is a fast, reliable 5G communications replacement for any 12/24V FACP’s costly pair of dedicated POTs lines.

StarLink Fire Max 2 is a dual SIM communicator, supporting both Verizon and AT&T networks, and auto-selecting the best one, shown via a blue or red indicator inside.

Easy to standardize on, just one model can stocked on the truck, working seamlessly, regardless of the installation’s location or code requirements, as it offers 3 modes:  Sole path cellular, traditional dual path cell/IP, and the industry’s only Super Dual™ supervised dual cell-only UL864 dual path (selectable by plan).

Available at all Napco Distributors today, and featured at the NFPA Expo in FL next month, they’re offered at all-new lower equipment costs w/ lower service rates, and instant pro rebates:  SLE-MAX2-FIRE Universal StarLink Fire MAX2 Dual Sim/Dual Communicator, Panel-Powered Technology & ABS Plastic Housing, or metal enclosure models, with or without power supply SLE-MAX2-CFB  SLE-MAX2-CFBPS, respectively.  The latter features AC Power 120VAC and an option for Plug-in TRF12 XFormer, 16VAC,20VA.

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