Arteco Expands Focus On Intelligent Solutions

Arteco Intelligent Solutions

Arteco has announced a wide range of intelligent solutions and integrations that propel the advanced capabilities of tomorrow’s security operations center (SOC).

Video surveillance data is more in-demand than ever as organizations across the globe find new ways to leverage video information. Gaining rapid access to the most relevant video data when needed is critical to empowering quick response and informed business decisions.

At this year’s ISC West conference in Las Vegas, Nev., Arteco will showcase its expanded portfolio of intelligent capabilities, designed to ensure the security and business information organizations seek is available at their fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence

Organizations can use the speed, reliability and accuracy of Arteco Face Recognition (AFR) to enhance data capture and awareness. AFR is capable of using images and video evidence of varying quality and standards to provide real-time and forensic surveillance solutions.

The company’s license plate recognition (LPR) solution allows organizations to use standard IP cameras instead of dedicated LPR cameras. Identifying critical video is streamlined with detailed layouts and maps, as well as metadata of the plate in each event.

The AFR and LPR platforms are made powerful through deep learning and 3D technology. AFR can manage millions of templates and databases, making it scalable enough to fit a wide range of analytic requirements. Both applications expand the capabilities of SOC operators, empowering them to make quick, effective decisions based on the most relevant information at any given time.

Integrations with Leading Analytic Solutions

Arteco recently completed certification and testing of the integration of Hanwha Techwin on-board video and audio analytics, and Axis Communications analytics, including its guard suite and loss prevention suite. Both integrations also support behavior analytics, line crossing, image enhancement, and motion and face detection analytics.

Detailed Analysis and Viewing

Designed for modern SOCs, Arteco Videowall delivers a rich experience by combining data, including videos, maps, peripherals, Web pages, integrated third-party systems and event notifications, into a single visual interface.

Other specialized content, such as real-time news feeds, weather monitoring, system status information and operator protocols, can be easily shared with others, facilitating joint and immediate action.

Completely scalable, Videowall supports a wide variety of operations and emergency centers, from single-operator stations to critical, enterprise-level facilities. The solution can also be leveraged across multiple sites in different locations, such as a local emergency operations center or a law enforcement organization.

Enhanced Mobility

The newest Arteco mobile app delivers instant access to all functions within the Arteco video event management platform and provides immediate notification of customized alerts and alarms.

Users can manage cameras remotely and view video on their smart devices to ensure situations are addressed in real time.

Fully customizable, the Arteco app enhances the ability to view the events that are most critical to a organization because it allows users to analyze the most important images, video and security data at any given time and from anywhere.

“As the market continues to evolve and the demand for video data grows, we have refocused our efforts on helping our customers gain access to artificial intelligence-based video solutions that enhance safety and increase intelligence,” said Giampaolo Sabbatani, CEO, Arteco.

“Tomorrow’s business and security solutions will be driven by data gained from captured video footage and we have ensured our platforms support the widest range of analytic applications possible.”

Arteco provides a wide range of software and network hardware solutions such as video surveillance, video management and access control.


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