Barrier1 Showcases Line of Innovative Vehicle Barrier Systems at GSX 2023

Nautilus M30 Retractable Bollard

Suite of Products Ideal for Mainstream Applications Including Public Safety, Retail, Fencing, and More

Barrier1 Systems is exhibiting a comprehensive range of vehicle barrier systems at GSX 2023, September 11-13 in Dallas, TX.

Barrier1’s crash-rated and Retractable high-security bollards will be on display alongside a range of additional perimeter security solutions at booth #3961.   

“We’re bringing some of our most popular products with us to GSX this year in an effort to show security professionals how our solutions can truly transform their physical security and perimeter security strategy,” said Mark Borto, CEO, Barrier1.

“Seeing our vehicle barrier products in person gives attendees the opportunity to visualize the fortified layer of defense these solutions can provide, empowering them to make informed choices that prioritize safety and peace of mind.”

Barrier1 booth #3961 include:  

The Nautilus M30

Nautilus M30 Retractable Bollard is engineered to withstand the force of a 15,000lb vehicle traveling at 30mph. The Nautilus M30 boasts an exceptional stopping force in a compact design, and features a separate control unit with customizable controls, making it a versatile choice for organizations seeking tailored security solutions.

Avenger M50

Avenger M50 Surface Set Drop Arm Barrier is a crash-rated beam barrier designed to stop a 15,000lb vehicle travelling up to 50 mph. The unique surface set design allows for a quick setup and provides the ideal anti-ram vehicle barrier solution necessary for critical infrastructure including nuclear facilities, oil and gas refineries, and other sites where installing an in-ground foundation may be problematic. Electric and manual versions are available allowing for a vertical arm raise and/or horizontal rotation for opening or closing of roadway.

Spartacus Retractable Bollard is an automatic hydraulic bollard with high velocity impact resistance and anti-ram vehicle stopping capabilities. In the event of a power failure, the bollard will remain in the raised position while allowing for the option of manual release. The built-in LED lights and options for graphite black paint or brushed stainless steel offer an aesthetically pleasing addition to any landscape. Available accessories include heating for the foundation box, as well as buzzer and pressure switch for obstacle detection.

Tomcat S10

Tomcat S10 Storefront Bollard is a crash-rated bollard designed to stop a 5,000lb vehicle travelling at 10mph. Tailored to provide enhanced safety in high-traffic, low-speed locales, including retail locations, banks, and sidewalks, the Tomcat S10 ensures pedestrian well-being is a top priority. Its quick installation process and optional removable bollard make it an adaptable choice for new and existing environments.

Tomcat S30

Tomcat S30 Storefront Bollard can halt a 5,000lb vehicle traveling at 30mph, making it an essential tool for areas with increased security needs. As with other Barrier1 products, the Tomcat S30 is designed for easy retrofitting with same day excavation and installation. Testing and certification pending.

Barrier1 Systems, founded in 2006 when the entrepreneurial spirit partnered with engineering expertise to manufacture its first patented barrier; The “Barrier1” net barrier. By 2008, the “B1 Hornet” shallow mount bollards and the “B1 Hercules” set and pour bollard were added to the product line. In 2015 the introduction of the “B1 Nimitz” horizontal crash beam and the “B1 Abrams” wedge barrier rounded out the product line and made Barrier1 a complete vehicle barrier provider. visit:

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