Blockpass Integrates Myki Password Security For Its Identity Verification App

Self-sovereign identity application Blockpass and authentication service Myki announced a major partnership combining the power of identity sovereignty and cloudless password security.

The partnership means that users will now be able to securely manage their own identity verification documentation, while being confident that their personal data is encrypted and secure.

Blockpass is a user-centric, self-sovereign identity application for regulated industries.

Designed with full data security in mind, Blockpass ensures KYC and AML compliance for regulated service providers while eliminating third-party data storage.

Blockpass has been developed as a step towards the Internet of Everything, and future releases of the application will include integrations of KYD and KYO protocols.

Myki allows users to securely store Passwords, Credit Cards, Notes, Government IDs, 2fa Tokens and Private Keys offline on their smartphone.

The platform does not use any form of cloud storage. The user is in control of his data.

Of the partnership, Myki Co-Founder and CEO Antoine Jebara said, “We are partnering with Blockpass who are working on an groundbreaking sovereign blockchain identity protocol. By integrating Myki authentication within the Blockpass protocol, users can now be completely certain that their identity documentation and details are secure within their mobile phone. Myki’s two factor authentication means that the data is virtually unhackable, protecting users from fraud and unlawful criminal activity.”

“We are delighted to add the highly regarded Myki as a backup to Blockpass,” added Hans Lombardo, CMO of Blockpass. “The addition of the cloudless password manager will enable our users to securely store their passwords and seamlessly access their Blockpass identity apps on their phones.”

Blockpass is a Regtech platform offering shared regulatory and compliance services for humans, businesses, objects and devices.

Myki is committed to building products that are a key addition to peoples’ lives and to empower users with the tools to seamlessly safeguard their digital workspace.