“Super Enterprise” Security Enters New Era With Sophisticated Visitor Tracking

Time Data Security Ltd.(TDS), a leading provider of security access tools for the some of the world’s largest corporations, announced the release of their next-generation visitor management software, TDS Visitor.

“Super Enterprises” —the world’s largest corporations— are seeing increased complexity around visitor access and management. Expanded international locations, as well as increasing involvement from outside parties; such as investors, contractors and journalists, have complicated the visitor maintenance process.

Super Enterprise arena’s need for more streamlined visitor management, TDS created a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that addresses all these hurdles at scale.

“Businesses fear a compromise between growth and security management. The larger and more spread out a company is, the harder it gets to make sure the right people have access to the right places at the right time,” said CEO Owen Pagan. “With all the features TDS Visitor provides to both hosts and visitors, we’re helping the world’s biggest businesses create a greater and easier experience by tracking large quantities of visitor data, meeting compliance standards and generally lightening IT department workloads.”

TDS Visitor includes:

  • Quick Register. For improved back office support and visitor experiences, TDS Visitor allows all parties to save time with the option to pre-register, this feature is particularly beneficial to large groups. To support customer experience, registrations automatically generate and send email and/or SMS notifications with meeting details and QR codes for smoother check-ins and real-time updates.
  • World-Class Hardware. This quick and simple system operates at reception or Front of House stations as a self-service tablet, a counter-mounted or a free-standing kiosk. Designed with a user-centric approach, visitors can sign-in, agree to NDAs and other policies, snap identification photos and print their passes. This reduces required personnel, reception lines and handles all the technicalities in one session.

TDS develops state-of-the-art software security with innovative, future-proof and secure management solutions designed for the Super Enterprise.

Source: timedatasecurity.com