Buffalo Technology NAS Focuses on Video Surveillance NVR


Worldwide leading NAS storage vendor Buffalo Technology announces the appointment of Hiroshi Nagao as the company’s new Managing Director, effective immediately. Buffalo has been focusing more and more on the video surveillance market with the re-purposing of their NAS storage devices as viable NVR units.

In his new position, Hiroshi Nagao will be responsible for leading the company’s strategy, business growth, and market development.

Commenting on market strategy, Nagao stated: “Our next step is to expand our business with the B2B and surveillance markets. The most important thing we offer our customers is ease-of-use [in video surveillance setup]. Our TeraStation NVR for example features automatic set-up for a surveillance solution with Axis cameras, which makes a difference to SMEs with limited time and resources. With such products, we want to build close relationship with our customers, regardless of scale.”

As for future development, Nagao commented: “We are the global pioneers to develop NAS and hold a leading position in this space. We have a wealth of offerings across storage, wireless products, network video surveillance, and accessories – enabling us to offer our users the ideal product for their wants and needs. Based on our experiences and strong R&D teams in Japan, we will be increasingly aggressive with the European market in the future.”

Mr. Nagao has over 17 years of experience within the company, spanning across sales and marketing roles. In his previous position, he was responsible for the Middle East region as sales and marketing director from 2011 to 2014 and found success by focusing on B2B commerce and building relations with customers in the region.

Tsutomu Shimada, MD global sales HQ and member of the board for Buffalo HQ, Japan, said: “Given his vast and rich experience at Buffalo and his successes in the Middle East, I am confident Hiroshi Nagao will continue to be a driving force in the company.”

Source: buffalotech.com