Building Intelligence’s SV3 Receives SAFETY Act Certification, Homeland Security’s Highest Level of Accreditation

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Building Intelligence’s SV3 Receives SAFETY Act Certification, Homeland Security’s Highest Level of Accreditation With SAFETY Act Certification, Deploying SV3 Can Shield Organizations from Liability Against Terrorist Incidents.

SV3® has received SAFETY Act Certification, the highest level of accreditation awarded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for anti-terrorism technologies, making it the only visitor and vehicle management solution to achieve this level of federal recognition.

“By using technology to secure loading docks and parking garages, as well as providing a smart method for managing vehicle access to secure areas, the SV3 platform from Building Intelligence enables the protection of people and property – the very core of DHS’ mission,” said the Hon. Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, former and first Chief Commercialization Officer of the Executive Branch of the United States.

Specifically, all three major components of SV3®, the visitor, vehicle and vendor Modules, have been awarded the SAFETYAct certification status as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT). The certification is valid until April 2020 when it will be eligible for renewal and is retroactive for sales as early as 2015.

“Meeting the standards for certification under the SAFETY Act is a demanding and challenging process that not all companies are capable of achieving and requires specific demonstration of how vendors develop and maintain their technology to achieve SAFETY Act Certification,” said Akmal Ali, principal at Catalyst Partners and a former Deputy Director of the DHS Office of SAFETY Act Implementation.

“SV3 not only helps fulfill that mission, but also plays an important part in assisting venue operators in their own pursuit of SAFETY Act, which is important to our country’s mission of creating a stronger public-private partnership in the fight against terrorism.”

“This is a major validation of our SV3 technology and our effort and commitment to our clients and business partners,” said Jeffrey C. Friedman, CEO of Building Intelligence.

“The SAFETY Act Certification, the highest-quality standards available, assures our current and future clients that they are able to downstream liability protections in the event of a terrorist attack.”

SV3® is a suite of cutting-edge products designed from the ground up to provide easy, foolproof solutions for access control for visitors, vehicles and vendors.

Building Intelligence is a software company providing innovative technology solutions for security practitioners and building owners to manage visitors, vehicles and vendors.